(a Poem Of My Island) 2- The Man With No Life Poem by Timothy Venard

(a Poem Of My Island) 2- The Man With No Life

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He does nothing all day
He just sits there and stares
He has nothing to say
And no one who cares.

He once had a wife,
(Or that’s what I heard)
She ruined his life
Now he won’t say a word.

And who is this man with this trouble and strife
He has no name, but the man with no life.

Susan Jarvis 16 September 2009

This poem is well crafted - good use of rhyme and rhythm - and it also conveys a poignant message. A good read! Welcome to PH and thank you for inviting me to read your works - it's been a pleasure. S :)

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Carol Gall 16 September 2009

i like this tim has a nice theme

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Timothy Venard 10 September 2009

thanks alot -that was a now tobegin with it was a type 'o' - thanks for pointing that out

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Adeline Foster 10 September 2009

This is a good poem. it has a pleasant resonance. Your thought is carried through and summed up nicely. I might suggest one change in the last line of the second verse. Instead of 'No', how about 'Now'. Adeline

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