Timothy Venard Poems

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A Hero?

Her hero is pretty and thin
Her hero is a hero to many
A hero of fame and a hero of fortune
A role model, a hero of glamour

Why Carpediem

It means seize the day;
Try and enjoy life
The sky’s not that grey.

Sing Softly The Songs Of Your Angel

Sing softly the songs of Your angel
Let Your angel let you sleep
For Your angel, in her wisdom
has begun her angel’s song.

(a Poem Of My Island) 1- My Island (Intro)

There is a field far away
Where neither moon nor sun is seen
Amongst the grass, and the straw, and the hey
Is a pool where an island has been.

A Broken Heart

A broken heart
A single tear
A broken heart
A pain for years

(a Poem Of My Island) 2- The Man With No Life

He does nothing all day
He just sits there and stares
He has nothing to say
And no one who cares.

A Poem From The Waling Woods: 1- The Waling Woods

The waling woods
Their quiet now
A strange name you’d think
For a wood that’s as silent

Love Is...

Love is cunning
Love is blind
Love is surprising
Love is in mind

Love Calculator

It’s harmless fun
should be a laugh
that was the view of every one in class
ok then type in your name

Lewes: A Curious Little Town

The sun is burning the sky orange
along gorgeous green enclosing hills,
and as the sky gives way to the stars,
the street lights begin to glow.

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