A Poem From The Waling Woods: 1- The Waling Woods Poem by Timothy Venard

A Poem From The Waling Woods: 1- The Waling Woods

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The waling woods
Their quiet now
A strange name you’d think
For a wood that’s as silent
As an infants dream

But years ago,
Oh so many years,
The woods were alive
And restless
And so were the people in it.

For miles and miles
One could hear the woods cry
Carried on the wind
And as alive as fire
And as cold as dead

The waling woods are sleeping now
Some say they’re actually dead

Paolo Giuseppe Mazzarello 28 December 2009

'Orlando Furioso' by Ludovico Ariosto is a very famous epic and is almost completely set in a wood. 'Women, knives, arms, loves I sing..' wrote the poet: how many things! I remember girl bodies, dog, mushrooms and, above all, trees. The young Timothy writes very well, in perfect English, recalls John Keats, is active and serious. At the moment I write almost completely in Italian, what's more unpublished stuff. I'm going to read some lines by Mr Venard, Happy New Year.

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Carol Gall 26 December 2009

will be interesting tim this is a good start to a series 10

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Fred Babbin 26 December 2009

A good beginning. Keep writing.

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