A Poet Poem by Diipo Fagbolu

A Poet

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I used to dream of butterflies
Of dancing slowly with raindrops
And walking in the moonlight

I used to believe in mermaids
In the fairy tales grandma told
I used to fear "Ojuju Kalabari"

Used to find mirth in little nuances
In the rhythm of passing clouds
And the croak of frogs in backyard

I used to see without lenticular help
I used to chase lizards with rocks
I used to fly kites and pick flowers

I used to versify those dreams
Of smiles and the illumination of
Sunsets and morn' brightness

I used to daydream about tomorrow
While listening to the songs of ants
In the grasses on our playing field

I have followed the dreams thus far
Not without pains and strains
And not without sweats of blood

I have cried some and laughed
I have lost battles and won and
Grown to be and become me

Thursday, December 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: childhood ,dream,dreaming
Oladipupo Fagbolu 07 December 2017

Thank you Rini

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Rini Shibu 07 December 2017

I have lost battles and won and Grown to be and become me... Life is with up and down, which mold us to reach the destiny Well penned

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Abhimanyu Kumar.s 07 December 2017

Good journey and hope you are on right track to set yourself free.

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