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Born Abhimanyu Kumar.S Thala, in Venkatgiri Kota, Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh 31/12/1988, Completed his early education in Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka. He was born in a Marwari, middle class Vaishnaw family, is the youngest son of Shrvwen dass Vaishnaw and Godavari Devi. He is a native of Rajasthan and is a multilingual. Since his childhood he ...

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I Was Dead

I had my dinner and
Slept around 10 of night
After a couple hour or so
I found myself dead

A Farewell To Idiots

Come on, come on
Join the party
Mingle with our fools
A farewell to your bloody rules.

' I '

I am a soul
Your life force
I am the driver
Really just a pinpoint of life

A Lonely Heart

To the moment I can write
In presence of my breath
With evidence of my veins strength
That I feel lonely on earth

A Pleasant Day

Everything is laughing singing,
All the pretty flowers are sprung.
See the campus in your fun,
With your knowledge in the blank sun.

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03 December 2014

Born with simple and compound interest.

03 December 2014

I never knew that I will Become one day A poet of love in love A poet of society for society

03 December 2014

Unarmed war of her Beyond the scraps of our love I am empty in this world Splitting empty in emptiness

03 December 2014

I want her in this moment In this painful moment of tranquility But she is far as I am

03 December 2014

I see the death everyday Death in relations Death in religion and faith Death of man in man Everyday, everywhere, every moment Death, death and death.

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Abhimanyu Kumar, I salute you my younger brother. Your poems must be a feather to your cap of being a good son and human being. Keep writing..

18 4 Reply
Joseph Wagachima 12 September 2012

interesting reading. give your works more thought. give them life. give them timelessness

14 7 Reply
Prem Kumar 11 August 2012

sir looking at your biography i was amazed......................i am proud to be your student

16 4 Reply
Johnny Big Balls 30 June 2012

Nice biography, you should help me write one lol

15 2 Reply
John Cabrera 26 January 2012

I like your poem.Very good use of imagery. I pictured everything you said. Good job.

16 0 Reply
Vidyasagar 23 November 2019

Wonderful poem abi

0 0 Reply
Sawood Ahmed 02 June 2019

In love with your Poems

0 0 Reply
papi chulo 06 May 2019

young savage why you trapping so hard

0 0 Reply
Chethan Chethu 13 April 2019

Awesome sir????

0 0 Reply
Shashikala 30 January 2019

Simple and good poems, I enjoyed reading.

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