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I had my dinner and
Slept around 10 of night
After a couple hour or so
I found myself dead

Come on, come on
Join the party
Mingle with our fools
A farewell to your bloody rules.


I am a soul
Your life force
I am the driver
Really just a pinpoint of life

To the moment I can write
In presence of my breath
With evidence of my veins strength
That I feel lonely on earth

I see the death everyday
Death in relations
Death in religion and faith
Death of man in man

Everything is laughing singing,
All the pretty flowers are sprung.
See the campus in your fun,
With your knowledge in the blank sun.

Life is guided by fate,
Fate is guided by her talk,
Can fate wait for her? .

Never before I imagined,
Pushed down and removed,
As suddenly it raised in my actions,
Pushing me slowly and silently.

A day will come
Will you come that day?
The day far beyond days
A day long like arabian nights.


Noiseless break of nerves
You find many life curves
Little you speak but
Never you speak it.

Mysterious growth in my lines
Deep words drafting over and over
Had an impression of poetry
Have a will to do it.

What does a death consist
And who are the one who insist
It has air, water and life
A child, children and wife.

I see the Third coming on the Road,
Finding no answer of Second on the Board.
Road is full of Lust and Dust in this Land,
Yes, yes I want to get out of this Wasteland.

I and my loneliness
Often speak about you
If you were with me
By days, months and years

I want you
I want to walk with you
I want to talk
I want to talk to you


So will I live
Like a half lizard
I should live in
With a space of snake.

As a man from nowhere
I speak on behalf of myself
I wish to see the truth
The truth in all ways

Silver coins beside the origin
The eyes of pearls in margin
Wearisome looks over me
Originated a margin we.

For instance, I open my doors
Give you reasons for why
Why I need you
No measure for stances

From where shall I start
The song in which I got into
The wave which I followed
To the pain which I entered

abhimanyu kumar.s Biography

Born Abhimanyu Kumar.S Thala, in Venkatgiri Kota, Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh 31/12/1988, Completed his early education in Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka. He was born in a Marwari, middle class Vaishnaw family, is the youngest son of Shrvwen dass Vaishnaw and Godavari Devi. He is a native of Rajasthan and is a multilingual. Since his childhood he has been very hardworking and sensible towards his tradition and culture. At a very young age he headed the family responsibility by being a salesman on one hand and pursued the education on the other. Most of the poems written by the poet are based on his observations on society, culture and education and he has a deep routed insight into the various facets of life. The author has experienced the life from the vantage point of poverty to the high esteem richness of life. The poetic stuff produced by the writer speaks for reasoning and the depth of emotion, which intensifies the whole poetry and shapes it into metaphysical poetry. He is a contemporary poet from India.The wide range of topics on which the poet has focused, the thematic concerns covers the whole of humanity and spirit of human living. His love poems have the purity and sincerity, which are experienced by poet himself in his part of life. his love poems speaks a struggle between love and tradition. His poems are too deep in love and intellectual in education. They reflect the sweetness created and misunderstanding loaded in love. The readers can easily recollect their love letters, chats, pictures, outings, treats and togetherness. Thala takes you to all that love you received once and ended with betrayal, disloyalty, family, attitude and temporary pleasures. His writings measure all the ups and downs of a lover and who still holds if he or she is true towards the other. He takes you closer to imagination and reality, where you can either enjoy and cry or feel the pain and die. His poetry is allusive and sometimes difficult to understand, because it is filled with striking irony, satiric tone, colloquial usage, emotional depths, highly imaginative and also has signs of vulgarity. INFLUENCES: - The poet was inspired by his father and his brother Rajesh Kumar, who persuaded him to take up Literature as optional at the master's level. And in fact was also responsible to inculcate the taste of reading literature. The poet is very voracious reader of literature and was influenced by great writers like Arnold, Eliot, Yeats, Tagore, Aurobindo, Emerson and others. Man of Tradition, He has been very much devoted for its truth and maintained at his worst moments and levels. The poet has written a novella titled '19-09-2010'/Life of few hours. The poet completed his master's degree with a rank in Bangalore University, Karnataka. He is honored with 'SAHITYA SHREE AWARD'in 2018 for his outstanding contribution towards literature.His biography appeared at newsindiantimes.com. http: //english.thenewindiantimes.com/2018/01/04/sales-boy-becoming-a-poet/ The poet is presently working as Assistant Professor of English in at SDC College, Kolar, Karnataka. Email: thalaabhimanyu@gmail.com facebook: abhimanyu kumar s [poet] Mb.No: 9036770694 About his first book - Labyrinth of Love The Labyrinth series of poems by the young poet, Abhimanyu Kumar S Thala are very captivating in its spirit and content. The poems are vigorous in its tone and these express the poet's attitude towards life, love, death, society, culture, tradition and humanity at large. In the words of Arnold, who says in one of his popular essays "The Function of Criticism at the Present Time "that poetry itself is ‘Criticism of Life'. If poetry is criticism of life then I think definitely achieved excellence by being objective in his poetry and has tried to be impersonal as T.S.Eliot stresses impersonality has to be achieved by the poet in his poetry to make it more expressive, critical, symbolic and of course highly creative in its act of composition. The theme of love with a young poet play's its rhythms and the poet is helpless rather to express them and find a way, but love has its way in and struggles very hard finding no way out. When the cyclic turn gets over, you are left with something to say. A broken heart has much to say. It has experienced so much so that a normal heart can never reach out. It has enjoyed all love, bliss and then love leading into pain. The painful moments passes through grief and sorrow, the dejected moods, despondency and finally it gets healed. The journey is towards only two words of love ‘End, Love'. It ‘Returns to Love' in a very different way as emotions turned into letters and words of love. It takes the form of love put forth in the form of Letters. Never a poet, but by chance, becomes a poet. A Poet who speaks with masses and uphold their living spirits. Pablo Neruda, the great Spanish Latin American Poet, a Nobel Laureate was a great ‘Romantic Poet', an adventures Lover, who is said to have written around 600 love poems. Every piece of love poem can be considered as a classic. I believe the poet - Abhimanyu Kumar has written in the same veins, which has made his blood as ink and has expressed his heart's Labyrinth, the Labyrinth of heartache, the cry and sorrow, the joy and blithe expresses different colors of love. It is colorful as well as becomes colorless where all colors get faded. The only colors are permanent and evident in life is white and black with strong scars and feelings which is very much experienced in his poems. As Robert Frost says " Good poems begins with pleasure and ends with wisdom" is a true sign of great poetry. We can see this becoming factual and quite natural in the poetry of Prof. Abhimanyu Kumar, who in his every poem reaches out to that naturalness, spontaneity in thought and expression. The poet also brings out the paradox of language in poems like ‘ Language of love', ‘A Lonely heart', ' Invisible Lover' and several other poems, which expresses the dual nature of love and the two fold experiences of love tries to find a way in the form of these poetic expression. The paradox of love and paradox of life on one hand constitutes the ‘real' and struggling experience of the poet and on the other hand expressing the experience of love in the form of letters have been made indispensible for readers of poetry to cherish the act of poetic creation, which is created in the true spirit of love lived and life experienced as a whole. To conclude, the poet is highly experimental and critical in his vision. We can see this right from the beginning, from the very prologue itself which is not penned in prose but which is poetic and rhythmic in its tone and largely impactive in its effort. In this sense the poet also comes very close to the great poet critic like T.S.Eliot in making strong representations of the time. The poet is contemporary who is modernist as well as post modernist in catching sight of new themes and modes of experiments with lucidity and great beauty, which in Mathew Arnold words ‘ Poetry is the finer spirit of the breath'.)

The Best Poem Of abhimanyu kumar.s

I Was Dead

I had my dinner and
Slept around 10 of night
After a couple hour or so
I found myself dead
Ya, I was dead
My body had become motionless
Eyes shut, hands erect
What about my dreams and aims
All gone, all shattered
Man, I was dead
What next?
Possibly burn, bury and ashes
Suddenly I heard someone shouting
Idiot get up!it's 7 of morning
If you want to know the truth
I was sleeping.

abhimanyu kumar.s Comments

Abhimanyu Kumar, I salute you my younger brother. Your poems must be a feather to your cap of being a good son and human being. Keep writing..

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Joseph Wagachima 12 September 2012

interesting reading. give your works more thought. give them life. give them timelessness

15 7 Reply
Prem Kumar 11 August 2012

sir looking at your biography i was amazed......................i am proud to be your student

16 4 Reply
Johnny Big Balls 30 June 2012

Nice biography, you should help me write one lol

15 2 Reply
John Cabrera 26 January 2012

I like the poem. Good use of imagery. I really pictured a soul.

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Vidyasagar 23 November 2019

Wonderful poem abi

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Sawood Ahmed 02 June 2019

In love with your Poems

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papi chulo 06 May 2019

young savage why you trapping so hard

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Chethan Chethu 13 April 2019

Awesome sir😍😍

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Shashikala 30 January 2019

Simple and good poems, I enjoyed reading.

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abhimanyu kumar.s Quotes

Born with simple and compound interest.

I never knew that I will Become one day A poet of love in love A poet of society for society

Unarmed war of her Beyond the scraps of our love I am empty in this world Splitting empty in emptiness

I want her in this moment In this painful moment of tranquility But she is far as I am

I see the death everyday Death in relations Death in religion and faith Death of man in man Everyday, everywhere, every moment Death, death and death.

I experience the death around me

The smoke on maps of mankind Death in temple and streets Death in clubs and parties Death, death and death

Death in purity and sacredness Death in broken mirrors and home Death in king, death in masses Death, death and death

Noiseless break of nerves You find many life curves Little you speak but Never you speak it.

Blood and breath, life and death Hi and hello, bye and good bye Gets one and becomes two Me and myself

What does a death consist And who are the one who insist It has air, water and life A child, children and wife.

Death appears before you think Forcing you to accept another body But what exactly happens is Life is detached from the unreal things.

Death has the living A living before it arrives So, what does it consist It consists body, flesh and few years.

No measure for stances No measure for reasons I be in her stances Working with circumstances

You are a need as the space The space between you and me

I ask you for your living The living in my living

Compare nothing, for instance The birth of you And death of mine.

One love is enough, two too much and over that is mere attraction

When you cannot own a own, then why the hell you want to make an unknown known

Today's love is just a rotation

Man and woman can never be friends as they are meant to be one not two

Nobody wants death as already we have one

More we know, less we acknowledge

Life is nothing but curiosity.

When you cannot own a own, why the hell you want to make an unknown known.

To Write about love is to write about you

I seek nothing but you

I don't want to dream a dream where you are just a dream

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abhimanyu kumar.s Popularity

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