A Poet’s Love Poem by Dr John Celes

A Poet’s Love

Rating: 5.0

My heart is one and only one:
A furnace full of love, my own;
Despite my giving it wholesome,
It grows and tries to more blossom!

My heart has grown in size some way;
O’er-filled with love, begins to sway;
My Maker kind did full it fill,
So that I could give love at will.

A poet loves Nature so well,
In which God does always much dwell;
Almighty God, He is my Friend;
I shall love Him until my end.

My heart is one- belongs to God;
I long to live in good accord;
As men are selfish to the core,
My heart to God, I owe much more.

The things all that we do on earth
Are mainly ones which give less mirth;
It seems that good men are a dearth;
I pray that heaven stays on earth!

Our life on earth is just a phase,
To keep our soul and save our face;
If you could lift your heart beyond,
You will hear well God’s call- command!

Our earthly feat is important;
With sins, our soul turns impotent;
My talent is God-giv’n a gift;
Nurture I must or go adrift.

A man cannot serve two masters;
And if he tries, he just falters;
Love God alone and love Him well,
And earthly life will turn out swell!
Copyright by Dr John Celes 12-26-1999

Marvin Brato 04 July 2007

I must say, TO GOD BE THE GLORY! As a believer I can relate to this EXCELLENT poem. Only God alone can decide our destiny.Top marks!

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Raul Castelan 23 June 2007

Oh my, you leave me without words with this poem of yours. You show so much in your stanzas. EXCELLENT READ! ! !

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Dr John Celes

Dr John Celes

Tamilnadu, India
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