Somanathan Iyer

A Poetic Tribute - Poem by Somanathan Iyer

Once lush with green and water filled lakes and rivers
With abundant crop yields prospered the entire land
In a span of five years witnessed drought never seen before
Not a single drop rained lakes and rivers drained
Ground waters reached to unknown depths
Trees and cattle perished without water
Youth and able bodies deserted the homes so dear to them
In search of livelihood to nearby towns and cities
Knowing not the cause crestfallen were the entire populace
Aid from people in power sustained only meager needs
Roamed around rumors that a curse besieged the province
Conducted were prayers performed were pujas & homas
Priests from all the faiths played their prayers in warding off the drought
Worried and dejected all the elders assembled to ponder over the future
It was a moon lit night in the absence of greenery nothing looked bright
Noticed all suddenly a cool and soothing breeze blowing to their surprise
From a distant a lean figure clad in white seen approaching them
Such was his personality that all the elders stood unknowingly as if to greet
The man in white attires with a captive smile occupied the centre stage
Without wasting any time he sought holy waters from all the places of worship
Mixing all the waters in a broader vessel he proceeded towards the lake
Followed him the entire crowd without questioning his motives
Reaching a oldest tree he emptied all the waters on its roots
Collecting the clay symbols of major faiths prepared by him
Covering them with his hands silently he recited prayers
Asking the elders to place them at the places of respective faiths
He walked off in the darkness without even looking back

With suspicion looming in their minds and derisive comments from youngsters
The symbols were placed in accordance to their faiths without having much faith
No sooner they walked back a big roar of thunder deafened their ears
A thick dark cloud unseen in the recent years appeared on the horizon
In no time the dark clouds covered the entire sky reminding a new moon day
Winds, thunders and lightning lasted for a while thereafter it was only rains
It poured and poured throughout the night driving the drought out of sight
A festive atmosphere prevailed all over with lakes and rivers full with flows
Thereafter returned the normalcy with regular rains without any shortfalls
Shrouds the mystery even till date the about person in question who bought the rains
No one knows that it was Sai the lord of Shirdi and the savior of the needy

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, July 14, 2013

Poem Edited: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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