Remedy For Rapes Poem by Somanathan Iyer

Remedy For Rapes

A new shame descended on our country known for ethics and morals
Never a day goes without a report of rape committed
A hue and cry of all sorts created by media on the heels
Of a crime reported calling for futile debates and discussions
Forgotten every thing when the dust settles down
Roams free the accused under some pretext or other
Sending a clear message in the minds of of rape sick’s
That nothing is at stake in committing any crime
Lawyers they have to plead their cases
Power they enjoy to come out unscathed
Committed are rapes by three types of criminals
Powerful and elite, illiterates and liquor influenced
The first ones are always left scot-free
Second ones not knowing whether it is right or wrong
Third ones sailing in a world of illusion unmindful of consequences
Never rape can be stopped under existing laws
Rapists should be boycotted from every public place
With their images displayed in every place or centers
Never they should be served with food while in custody
Instead hay and grass should form their menu
Mandatory should be moral education depicted in fables
and scriptures to build a character for analyzing situations
Achieved should be hundred percent literacy to apply wisdom
Consumption of liquor should never be allowed outside
And drunkards should fear coming outside without valid reasons
May be these steps can reduce the crimes if implemented
Without any pulls or shrills keeping in mind sisters and daughters

Marimuthu Raken 08 September 2013

Bro Soma If wicked don't change you can't get rid of wickedness Thirudarai parthu thiruntha vital thirttai olizika mudiyadhu Good poem Raken Marimuthu

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Geetha Jayakumar 28 August 2013

Our every days news are flooded with rape cases..but nothing is working against it.. Day by day its turning to worst..we are just watching it helplessly.. Beautiful write Sir..Thank you for sharing with us.

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 28 August 2013

A very powerful poem about a problem which keeps coming back. You identified three kinds of rapists. A rapist must be punished so that the rapist will not be able to commit one again. Thank you.

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