Somanathan Iyer

Somanathan Iyer Poems

1. My Cute Little Friend 11/28/2012
2. The Real Side Of Love 11/29/2012
3. The Three Apples 12/2/2012
4. Peace Of Mind 12/2/2012
5. Old Age 12/5/2012
6. Life 12/5/2012
7. Dreams 12/6/2012
8. Terrorism 12/13/2012
9. Mind 12/16/2012
10. You Are In My Thoughts 12/16/2012
11. Search Of The Soul 12/23/2012
12. The City Traffic 1/17/2013
13. Worth Of Salt 1/18/2013
14. Voice Of Dissent 1/21/2013
15. What A Contrast? 1/28/2013
16. Desperate Prayers 1/29/2013
17. What A Life! 1/30/2013
18. Stretch And Stretch Common Man! 1/31/2013
19. Words Of Wisdom 2/11/2013
20. How To Think? 2/23/2013
21. Words Of Wisdom 2 2/27/2013
22. Hail Our Country 3/2/2013
23. Words Of Wisdom 3 3/3/2013
24. Words Of Wisdom 4 3/6/2013
25. Oh! My Humble Sparrow! 3/7/2013
26. Heaven And Hell Both Are Here 3/7/2013
27. The Solitary Soul 11/18/2012
28. Wisdom Sealed 11/22/2012
29. Modern Poetry 11/23/2012
30. Broken Heart 11/25/2012
31. Plights Of A Withdrawn Person 3/9/2013
32. A True Lament 3/10/2013
33. A Prayer To Lord Siva 3/10/2013
34. Moon And Mind 3/11/2013
35. Intolerable Things 3/12/2013
36. Actors In Life 3/13/2013
37. Compulsive Dinner 3/14/2013
38. This World Is Like This 3/15/2013
39. Enlightenment Never Comes 3/17/2013
40. Day Dreamer 3/18/2013
Best Poem of Somanathan Iyer

The Shy Moon

The moon was bright
on the waves of clouds
here and there all along the sky
stars were playing hide and seek
scent of flowers renting the air
the entire garden looked like movie set
looking at the moon standing I all alone
neared me you in a noiseless walk
what a beauty! quipped I at serene moon
glanced me you after staring the moon
flawed is the moon with a blackened spot
your face is flawless glitter in radiance
whispered you causing ripples in my heart
on hearing you slipped the shy moon
behind clouds only to peep out after a gap

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The Creation Of Woman

Long ago, Very Long ago, God was caught in a pensive mood
After sending down Giant sized Creatures with violent Nature
Floods and Fires with hellish Fury, Man was sent to live on earth
Man was single no one to mingle, wandered jungles with no one to tingle
God looked down noticed the Gloom, Dull and Dumb was the life on Earth

God sat straight, fastened his belt, decided at once to add some spice
Finding an answer God shined bright patted him self for striking it right

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