A Pome On Feathers Poem by Sidi Mahtrow

A Pome On Feathers

Rating: 2.8

words in language to be heard
are like feathers on a bird
they cover the carcass
prettying it up more or less

as birds of feather
flock together
so does choice of words
bring out the worst of bards

some feathers have a lot of fluff
an hold hot air and stuff
others are kind of greasy
which makes floating easy

so it is with words that r chosen
politicians use them by the dozen
without this ploy they d be
naked as a jay bird for all to see

the jay bird s hatched not born
as some would say
blind and featherless
on opening day

altrical s the word used
by those most learned
describing the new hatched jay
or politicians entering the fray

some feathers are designed to attract attention
if the peacocks scream isn t enough
the male shows his rear end
attracting females to his intention

other feathers are designed for flying
shaping the wings for air a plying
aloft the bird can soar or sail
or on a humming bird wings go like hell

feathers have a value of their own
used in art work to be shown
others sharpened as a quill
serve man to record thoughts and other swill
still others find their way as stuffings
for pillows coverings beds or fancy cushions

but probably the worst use of feathers known
is they conceal vermin upon
the carcass of the prey
bugs and politicians feed night n day

archy2 the cockroach


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