A Chicken Is Not A Bird Poem by Sidi Mahtrow

A Chicken Is Not A Bird

Rating: 3.1

A chkn na be a byrd
Acord'n folk lvn in flori da
Kep'n and own'n be difernt
If be a tigr or sknk kept
An' a' th hair cutn shp r paloor for trm
Word is one's pets is one's own prblm
So be it, tha list of crtures kept, grws lngr by da
Cept'n when are feral, as n dog and ct stray
Thn becms nuher mat'r
For nebors blathr.

Whn pkins gd, thn no problm
But whn pks in yr flwr bd, much to be mad then.
Frm tm to tm thngs gt out of hnd ‘n
Complnts ‘n words for cert n.
So Gvrmnt coms to soln
Of problms b'for problms xst for som.

But na be a ckn a byrd?
Cuse if it be a byrd,
Thn it lv in a byrd sanctry free
An can na hunt, na hrt, na molst byrdees
So wa to du?
Mybe pas law that sy to you,
'Chkn na be byrd'
Thn ok to hv fer Sundy Dnr n vite Prechr for Holy wrd.
N hisn wfe cuse good Chrstn man and wom'
Enjy, chkn in fryn pan.

So law pasd that say chkn not a bryd so
They mst sty a' home an' na go.
Howsome evr, bryds (an chkns also) cnt rde
An thy kpt do n wh' brds an chkns do bst to feed.
Which be to go whr God low such,
Which fr mst prt is nxt dr's grdn and frnt prch.

So Bartow Flor da hird a chkn ktchr
To gathr up dose brds and tk to the cntry sid, u betchr.
Tha's nic but brds (scuse me – ckns) got oth id
An flew coup, so to say, or fle.
An those toke out side cit lmts make it home just
Lk homn pgns and r thr for supr like norml ckns cum to rost.

Yu ake how solve mstry of chkns?
Smpl. Persons who compln'd aked to lv town
Now Bartow got pln't chkns an gud ppl all rnd.

Well, maybe Robert Burns writing in his Scottish dialect, might have considering the plight of the good folk of Bartow, Florida. Maybe not, but Benjamin Franklin thought we had too many ltrs in the alphabet and suggested the number could be reduced to seventeen or so.

Michael Gale 06 May 2006

The typo's in this poem is very atrocious and sloppily done.I liked Archy The Flying Cockroach, but could not make heads or tails of this gibberish gobbleeygook. An investment of a dictionary of the English language would be your next move so you could make all the numerous spelling corrections. There have not been any comments on this poem probably because other readers probably could not decipher this coded scramblage. God bless and best regards-Mike Gale.

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James Papastamos 09 July 2006

Where did you learn how to write? A poultry farm? Interesting concept

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Yen Cress 12 September 2006

Sidi, I truly love your sense of humor (and a 'Begone w'ye' to those who canna oondrstan' wot ye be meanin'! }! Yen

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Cecil (cj) Krieger 15 September 2006

A chkn na be a byrd But in booklyn da chikens make sum gud eatin! GREAT poem Sid… fine humor! A 10!

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David Harris 24 February 2007

Sidi, sorry I can't say much on this. The writing in dialect threw me on this. For as much as I could decipher it sounded humours. David

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‘M not familiar with the Florida dialect. Found it hard to read. But, dear poet, it's hilarious. Well done

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Bri Edwards 09 June 2014

So be it, tha list of crtures kept, grws lngr by da.....did you mean....da day? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Howsome evr, bryds (an chkns also) cnt rde.....is a chicken writing this? if so, the chicken msspelled byrds. ha ha - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - An thy kpt do n wh' brds an chkns do bst to feed.....the chicken writing this is not consistent! send it back to the farm! :) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - .... might have considering... ................i cn't elp meself. i mus pint aut ers i fine. ope u don mine. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - well, i think i understood most of this 'unique' poem. ye, florda is kinda gon tuh thu byrds. thanks for sharing. bri :) p.s. i believe hebrew is written without vowels, but i don't know how many consonants are in the hebrew alphabet. p.p.s. i found the first two comments posted here to be quite funny.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 01 December 2011

So law pasd that say chkn not a bryd so They mst sty a' home an' na go... nice observation.. good poem...10

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Adeline Foster 05 October 2011

Really a fun poem. Read Mine. Adeline

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Ashraful Musaddeq 16 September 2008

The title is nice. Enjoyed this poem.

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