A Power Is Rising! Poem by David Lacey

A Power Is Rising!

They are sailing for distant shores
Trying to find a little more
Trying to escape the trail of industrial horizons.

Driven from our paradise where are we to turn?
Who will open up their doors to us?

Relics of the person I once was are floating
Endless dust desert trails, seeking a soul that they can trust
In re assembling the form I knew before the storming of my years.
The looking glass is beckoning bliss with the promise of beauty
The reflection is a hollow facade, a mask of light in falsity.


Each is a road worth wandering as
We turn within the shadows of ourselves.
Staring into the flames of visions empowering,

A power is rising! A power is rising!
Does it come as a surprise to find it in your eyes?

How can we strive towards that which we are?
How can we pray for oneness with the divine
If we are from before the moment of our birth a miracle sublime?

We are as angels with broken wings,
Devils walking upon the surface of our mother
Seeking in the arms of another the warmth of a lovers embrace.

Open up your eyes,
Wider than you ever thought imaginable
Until they slip beyond the sand castle walls of logics limitation.
Allow the tides of imagination to rise.
An ocean of souls, lost to the torment of heartbreak
Are shaking the foundations of my asylum sanctuary.

Let the nymphs of forest shadows to their dwellings within the womb of the earth
How many are there that are lost to the dreams of the night?
How many lost from the moment of birth?

Can you hear them?
Upon the wind as it whispers in wavering.
Savour the taste, taste the flavour
Don't waste it now, your one chance to loose
And gain a world beyond the realm of pain.

I need someone to have faith in me
Someone to help me paint myself a smile.
For I do not plant the seeds of ecstasy
But I help grow them all the while.

I dance the Dance of Seasons turning.
Beneath the yoke, the bright sun burning.

And I must have sailed for a thousand years
And I must have shed the skin of a thousand fears
Knowing all along that I sailed an ocean of fallen tears.

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