David Lacey

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David Lacey Poems

1. Still Our Mother Weeps 1/21/2006
2. Within The Hollow Of An Atom Lay An Eternity To Fathom. 2/4/2006
3. The Circle Dictates The Tapestry Of Fates Imagination. 2/4/2006
4. Idiosyncratic Angels 2/4/2006
5. In Spring Groves They Are To Be Found 2/4/2006
6. A Child Is Born 4/22/2006
7. Elastic Moralities 4/22/2006
8. A Love Of Truth 4/22/2006
9. A Requiem Is Sewn 4/22/2006
10. Promising Spring 4/22/2006
11. Here I Am Alone 4/22/2006
12. We Rise As We Fall 4/22/2006
13. Botanical Affinities 4/22/2006
14. Esplumoir 4/21/2006
15. Creation Hath Worked Its Mastery 4/21/2006
16. When The Bark Is Torn She Suffers 4/21/2006
17. The Way To Flow As The River Knows 11/21/2005
18. Ask 1: Savour The Time At Hand. 12/4/2005
19. Dig 12/18/2005
20. Alas She No Longer Bears Her Heart Upon My Sleeve. 12/18/2005
21. Heavenly Bodies Celestial Calms 12/19/2005
22. The Journey Purple 12/20/2005
23. Blanket Syd 12/29/2005
24. Believing Whilst Bleeding, 12/30/2005
25. Gingerbread Angels 1/12/2006
26. Ask 16: Piece Back Together The Jigsaw Of Your Mind. 12/4/2005
27. Voyeuristic Energies 1/12/2006
28. Two Ways She Flows Her Heart A Window 1/12/2006
29. Mountain Dwellers, Forest Fellers, 1/12/2006
30. Paint For Me In Light A Portrait Of Their Life’s. 1/12/2006
31. Buried Beneath My Pillow Surreal 1/12/2006
32. Archetypical Etchings 1/12/2006
33. Conjurer Of Relics 1/12/2006
34. Above As Below 1/12/2006
35. Warfare Within Marriage. 1/12/2006
36. Conception Immaculate 1/12/2006
37. Adorned In Temperance 1/12/2006
38. Cocoon Born 11/7/2005
39. Casting Incantations 11/7/2005
40. Heaven Scented Discontentment’s 11/8/2005

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  • Sherri Coulter (4/21/2010 8:16:00 PM)

    Great story-telling poetry. I come to sit a spell and enjoy his words and am never disappointed.

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Best Poem of David Lacey

Memory Slips As Memory Fades

Alas I know not where to go, for all the places I know, I've been.
Alas I have been shown not where to go nor can I remember all I've seen.
Memory slips as memory fades as shades they flip exposed to flames.

As insects roast upon the embers of the fire,
A blaze trailed through the void of darkness,
Breathing destruction upon dry bone leaves,
Bearing down destruction upon well established trees.

The crown of the forest resides his power
Biding his time awaiting the shower of inferno
Gatherings as the elders race forever young towards
the fountain groves ...

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Voyeuristic Energies

Patrician dames masked to avoid the shame of offering,
They parade themselves, offering pleasure for pay.

Voyeuristic energies flow strong in the blood of man and woman alike.
Each seeks a secret knowledge unknown to those left in the light, unable to see out into the darkness. These dark comedies of our suburbs watch close in observance the moving
Pictures of our life’s. Perceiving life through a silver screening, how are you ever to know
Whether or not you are dreaming?

These come

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