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Memory Slips As Memory Fades

Alas I know not where to go, for all the places I know, I've been.
Alas I have been shown not where to go nor can I remember all I've seen.
Memory slips as memory fades as shades they flip exposed to flames.

Journey Santiago

Journey Santiago
Discover in your search
A land in Love with mystery
It’s not far out of reach

Sleep Well Angel Sweetness

Sleep well angel sweetness
Find your place in dreams
Keep well within your mind
That nothing's as it seams.

Seek Your Knowledge In Observation.

Seek your knowledge in observation.
Know friendship to be the truest bond of all,
Near perfect is Love platonic in essence.
Within nature perceive the friendship of all,

A Pastel Pink And Lilac Sky

Sink with yourself. Think.
Seek within yourself. Sink.
A pastel pink and lilac sky
Cast a spell of mellow moods.

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Sherri Coulter 21 April 2010

Great story-telling poetry. I come to sit a spell and enjoy his words and am never disappointed.

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'We don't read and write poetry because it's cute, we read and write poetry because we are members of the human race.' - Dead Poet's Society

Born in Middlesbrough, North East England. I studied Art, Philosophy and Classical Civilization at college, all of which have had an influence on my work in various mediums. I went on to study Contemporary ...

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