Sleep Well Angel Sweetness

Sleep well angel sweetness
Find your place in dreams
Keep well within your mind
That nothing's as it seams.

This night angel sweetness
You have opened up my eyes
You have changed in form
Beyond the storm and opened up the skies.

Sleep well angel princes
In your kingdom's shade
Keep well within your boundaries
The time allowed to fade.

Sleep well angel dearest
Moon beam maiden of this realm
Keep steady in your hand the dreams
Which keep you steady at the helm.

Sleep well angel sweetness
Find your place within the clouds
Beyond the reach of savage men
Beyond the gathered crowds.

Let us dance beyond the moon
Allow us time to sing
Let us dance upon the moon
Allow us love to bring.

Let us swim the ocean sky
Allow us love to know
Let us fly and never sigh
Above worlds of porcelain snow.

My love for you sweet angel
Knows no boundaries in its kiss
Sleep well angel dearest
Upon a cloud of heavens bliss

Rest your head a moment
Just one moment in descent
Allow us time to kiss the moon
The future, past and present.

Let us swim the ocean sky
See angels dreaming there
Let us swim and never sigh
Run fingers through their hair.

Sleep well angel dearest
Below the clear moon sky
Embrace all it is you fear
Could bring tears to your eyes.

Embrace the day that beckons you
For it is as each moment the birth
And death of all creation.