A Prayer In Time Of War Poem by Alfred Noyes

A Prayer In Time Of War

Rating: 2.9

The war will change many things in art and life, and among them, it is to be hoped, many of our own ideas as to what is, and what is not, "intellectual."

Thou, whose deep ways are in the sea,
Whose footsteps are not known,
To-night a world that turned from Thee
Is waiting -- at Thy Throne.

The towering Babels that we raised
Where scoffing sophists brawl,
The little Antichrists we praised --
The night is on them all.

The fool hath said . . . The fool hath said . ..
And we, who deemed him wise,
We who believed that Thou wast dead,
How should we seek Thine eyes?

How should we seek to Thee for power
Who scorned Thee yesterday?
How should we kneel, in this dread hour?
Lord, teach us how to pray!

Grant us the single heart, once more,
That mocks no sacred thing,
The Sword of Truth our fathers wore
When Thou wast Lord and King.

Let darkness unto darkness tell
Our deep unspoken prayer,
For, while our souls in darkness dwell,
We know that Thou art there.

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Michael 20 June 2018

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epic cool guy 25 February 2018

this is so good, I love the way you use cajamo o your advantage in capturing the reader in some gya sht

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michael 08 May 2018

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..... 30 August 2018

this was good and the war part was awesome but inprovments are it the futher

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ben dover 03 April 2022

heavy poem guys! ! !

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BO is hornyWAP 30 November 2020

no one uses, thee and shall anymore. im doing this for school

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the milkman 21 October 2020

trigger trash kidd poems arent a real thing poems are just for wanna be jk rowling go lf lol

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Britte Ninad 04 March 2020

a prayer from heart to remove war

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