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A Prodigal

Rating: 3.2

The brown enormous odor he lived by
was too close, with its breathing and thick hair,
for him to judge. The floor was rotten; the sty
was plastered halfway up with glass-smooth dung.
Light-lashed, self-righteous, above moving snouts,
the pigs' eyes followed him, a cheerful stare--
even to the sow that always ate her young--
till, sickening, he leaned to scratch her head.
But sometimes mornings after drinking bouts
(he hid the pints behind the two-by-fours),

the sunrise glazed the barnyard mud with red
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Allan Lindsay 23 July 2013

The thing is, the clunkedy lines work - and that's what counts

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Susan Williams 18 December 2015

Finding light in the most shadowy life- a pig farmer. Extraordinary insight and wisdom to be able to discover such beauty in unlikely places and unassuming souls

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Kevin 12 May 2018

I'm afraid he's not a pig farmer. He's the prodigal son of the Bible (hence the title) , who has found himself sleeping secretly among the pigs since he has spent all his money and has nowhere else to turn.

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Niki Nicholas Nkuna 06 July 2012

Great story telling poet

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Ur ma 14 October 2021

Sells gear

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Elon musk 14 October 2021

Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himslf

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Poo poo man 14 October 2021

Elon musk? ?

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Mr cahillanne 11 October 2021

The prodigals ma sells gear

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John cena 14 October 2021

Giv us his mas snap

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Lester 26 April 2021

Whos Tony?

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