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I need to find time-
a scrap of time
by the demands of everyday life

Fireflies die
Stars wink out of existence
Butterflies fall from the sky
Rivers take the path of least resistance

I have no heart today.
I think I have lost it somewhere along the way
From yesterday to today.

..................Rain Washing The World Green
I have a homing bird feeling about
the rain falling

the ghosts are walking again
walking and talking in the night again
sorrow is eating my bones again

you say we should shake it off
you say get over it
you say it's not good for us

The mourning dove
visual manna from heaven above
beauty and delicacy in one form sailing

We live from day to day to day
and we play and we play and we play
we always have and we think we always will
yes there is a brain cell that knows that end it will

Afterwards I googled my heart out
but found to my vast surprise
nothing, not a thing

the girl waited beneath the golden tree
the golden tree shaped like a vase
a vase of golden leaves

Behind her eyes
do you see
a deep blue good-bye

The river deep and dark
~~~flowing through the night
carrying flotsam and jetsam

In her eyes
did you see
the long lavender look of goodbye?

Pebbles of time
washing down the streams
piling up

In my life there is room after room of good things
my man is one room for whom thanks-I-am-giving.
I do not know what good seeds I have been sowing

oh come oh come
hosts of heavenly angels
oh come
Cherubim and Seraphim

............sitting here in the stillness
...............staring out the window darkness my friend and my foe.

I want to walk with You, spend time with You
And talk about things closest to Our hearts,
My love for You and Your love for Me

I woke up this morning
and I was mourning
weary and broken
my life burnin' down to ashes and smokin'

Our world is
to the core

The Best Poem Of Susan Williams

A Scrap Of Time

I need to find time-
a scrap of time
by the demands of everyday life
that chews up every morsel of time it can find.

I want to meditate on these stray birds of thought-
I want to know that my life
was more than washing dishes
and waiting for the phone to ring
bearing news of joy or sorrow.

Susan Williams Comments

Subhas Chandra Chakra 29 September 2017

A rare poet of the real times that we represent, Susan is a poetess of rich thought, deep passion, great skill and penetrating words, a rare yet unique amalgam of so many qualities together. I adore this great poetic personality. I pray God for keeping her fit and fine for the poetic contributions to our world for ever. Regards. Subhas

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Rebecca Navarre 29 May 2017

One Of The Most Beautifully Kind, Poets You'll Find! ! ! ! ! Her Heart, Her Poems, Truly Shine! ! ! ! ! Inspiring All, , , , That Read Her Rhymes! ! ! ! !

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Nosheen Irfan 17 July 2017

A writer that makes a difference. She has wit, she has insight. Her verses sing to the heart, their flow, their rhythm is just amazing. She has a distinct style of writing that puts her in a class of her own. There's always something to learn from her. She truly inspires. One of my favorite poets.

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Unnikrishnan E S 03 October 2016

Susan Williams stands out among contemporary poets, by her extra ordinary brilliance and aesthetic sense. Her poems show deep insight into the facts of life. Her wide reading is manifest in her large treasure of vocabulary, which allows her to use the choicest word in the right place in her poems. Brevity is the one of the major qualities of her poetry. She has proven her ability to pen humor too. It is a pity that she devotes lesser time for poetry; but that might be the one factor, which makes her poems more enjoyable.

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Norah Tunney 06 April 2017

Brillaint, creative, imaginative writer. Susan Williams poetry is thoughtful, refreshing and life giving. Her critiques of other poets are a delight to read. Her poetry takes you beyond the surface and her insights into human nature are extraordinary. She has the gift of painting exquisite pictures in your mind. Big fan.

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We miss your presence, your wit and wisdom, your unqualified love for poetry and above all your unstinted support for people like me. Please come back, Susie

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QUOTE OF THE DAY "It is true that it is not a good thing to take everyone at face value- -especially in an age of so many face-lifts. by Susan Williams." It was so very nice of ph to showcase this masterpiece quote, so that we could read it once again.

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Sandra Feldman 07 June 2023

We miss you very much! Please come back...

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Smith is Swain is Smith

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I am a fan of this talented and natural poet Susan Williams. I feel so proud to write a poem worthy of attention of Susie and share it here. This is essentially why I am quite happy to read her comments, which, as always, is analytical and doubly inspiring.

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Susan Williams Quotes

It is true that it is not a good thing to take everyone at face value- -especially in an age of so many face-lifts.

Diatribes are known for their intolerance- - which makes it difficult to tolerate them.

We need to remember that death is a daily possibility therefore we should not only enjoy every moment but also make it a moment we are proud to have lived.

I like haiku- they are so very brief yet cover so much ground

A life of adventure is good health food for the imagination of a writer.

The joy of writing- -is that we can go wherever our pen takes us.

If the pain is never sharp, can the passion ever be deep?

If laughter is the best medicine, then Shel Silverstein is the best pharmacist of them all. ~~~~~Susan Williams

Sometimes elegance is saying something simply.

Every autumn we learn the same lesson- we can't live in the past, it's 'leaving'.

A laugh is one of the best gifts to give a friend.

We are in harm's way every day and hour we live- -we often forget that- -which may be why we can enjoy life so well.

Knowledge is a good thing to pursue, but wisdom consists of knowing what to do with knowledge.

There is no worse feeling than thinking that all you've done with your life is take up space.

Sometimes the season we feel matches the season in our heart and not the season of the calendar,

There are all kinds of murder that can be done to people that leave them still alive.

I do try to have a sense of humor about all these minor [? ] irritations- -it helps to keep my little boat sailing along happier seas!

Let us march in protest of the evils that man does but do so bearing mounds of beautiful fragrant flowers overflowing our arms.... we come to protest but we come in beauty and love!

I just wish I would try the last resort first!

People who act like they know and have seen it all are probably right. They probably will never know more than they know right now! .

Indeed- -the moment we take our first breath of life- we are also taking our first taste of death.

Vile- - -the same four letters that are in evil. Coincidence? I think not.

Gossips are the mosquitoes of the human race.

If our last day comes and it is no different from the other days we have had, that would be one tragic and wasted life.

The human spirit wants adventure of some kind- it does not need to be derring-do rock climbing.

The human spirit wants love and the best way to get it in abundance is to give it in abundance.

We should all look at how we are spending the coin of our life before our life is written and done!

The power of a word- -if we harness it correctly, could we change a bias?

A friendly word these pandemic days lights a candle in the darkness.

An awe walk sounds like something our hearts, bodies, and souls need as much as our lungs need air! ! !

Time is certainly riding a runaway horse these days. ~~~~~~~~~©Susan Williams

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Susan Williams Popularity

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