Susan Williams

Susan Williams
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  • ''It is true that it is not a good thing to take everyone at face value- -especially in an age of so many face-lifts.''
    ~~~~~~~~~~Susan Willians
  • ''Diatribes are known for their intolerance- - which makes it difficult to tolerate them.''
    ~~~~~~~Susan Williams
  • ''We need to remember that death is a daily possibility therefore we should not only enjoy every moment but also make it a moment we are proud to have lived.''
    Susan Williams
  • ''I like haiku- they are so very brief yet cover so much ground''
    - -Susan Williams
  • ''A life of adventure is good health food for the imagination of a writer.''
    Susan Williams
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Comments about Susan Williams

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  • Bill Cantrell Bill Cantrell (5/15/2018 4:21:00 PM)

    Richard is correct, Susan gives us strength! ! ! ! She is one of the most positive forces on this site, I have been encouraged to write because of her and I am indebted to her, she makes the world a better place!

  • Richard Wlodarski (5/1/2018 5:27:00 AM)

    I find that PH has a few pessimists
    That do their best to discourage optimists
    At this they have become a success
    Putting Poem Hunter in a mess

  • Richard Wlodarski (5/1/2018 5:11:00 AM)

    Susan is one of the gentlest souls on PH. She EMPATHIZES! Susan gives us strength even when she is depleted. She gives us so much support and encouragement. She truly inspires! So much so that I've already written 2 poems inspired by hers. I'm a true believer in positive energy! The same energy that she radiates. The same energy that is so abundant in all your comments. Good doesn't have to fight evil. It's already overcome!

  • Sandra Feldman (5/1/2018 3:40:00 AM)

    Sticks and Stones
    Coming from sickening trolls
    Can't ever, ever break you!
    Because your Poetry
    And the Beauty of your Soul,
    Are what to hate,
    Shall always make you.

    We all sand by you and with you Susan!
    You are dearest in our hearts.

  • Muhammad Ali (4/30/2018 2:22:00 PM)

    Susan... is there a single thorn in a garden of thousand flowers!
    I agree with you, and Bharati and Bill and Tom.
    Accompany them, keep smiling.

    Best Wishes

  • Tom Billsborough (4/30/2018 11:05:00 AM)

    Susan, Why should any of us take notice of this psychopathic coward who hides behind pseudonyms and name changes. Whether he is the Crow or Lantz Pierre or, as some think, Judith Blatherwick, he's still the same useless writer who can't distinguish to from too, a distinction which most six year olds have grasped. Poem Hunter should be ashamed of itself for allowing him on the site. Allpoetry gave him short shrift. Keep your chin up, Susan. You have a lot of friends like Bill and Bharati.

  • Bill Cantrell Bill Cantrell (4/30/2018 5:37:00 AM)

    Dear friend, I deleted all of my poems because of trolls, I had several poems of the day that I was so grateful for, and dear friends whose poetry is awesome, poemhunter allows trolls to dominate this site, others have deleted their poems because of these sick hateful people, Susan, you are the victim of hateful sick people, your poetry excels and it’s a shame they feel impelled to ruin this site

  • Bharati Nayak Bharati Nayak (4/30/2018 5:03:00 AM)

    It is really a very sorry situation.We will be fighting negative forces in stead of concentrating on our creativity.Every one is unique.We should be encouraging each other so that we can be more creative., more happy and more healthy.We should be grateful to this PHSite that it -provides us this opportunity to read, be read and opine.But we should not misutilize this forum. I appeal to Poem Hunter Site to do something to stop negativism which otherwise affects the Poem Hunter's popularity.

  • Susan Williams Susan Williams (4/30/2018 1:55:00 AM)

    ONE. To all the true lovers of literature and the art of writing who have been so kind to leave encouraging comments here on my Poet Page about me as a poet: I apologize for bringing down on your comments and your Likes all the wrath of The Troll as people call him.

  • Susan Williams Susan Williams (4/30/2018 1:55:00 AM)

    TWO. Since I was honored with Poem of the Day on April 24, he has occupied himself with pressing the dislike button on all your comments about me as a poet as well as busily pushing the dislike button on The Do You Like This Poet scale above.

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