A Psalm Of Apreciation Poem by Barry Lindelihle Mvelase

A Psalm Of Apreciation

Oh Lord of heavens, God of eternity
Thou art great, high and exalted.
Seated enthroned on high
Forever and ever hallelujah!

For You gave me wisdom and authority,
Greatness and power, faith and success
Through Your righteousness (Christ our lord) .
Now all boundaries of the earth are unbound before me,
All prosperity is untied for me
And I am set to freedom.

I shall stretch my possessions throughout the nations,
My authority above the earth.
My future will brighten upon the earth as the rays of the sun.
My foot will be set to all knowledge,
I will have insight to all things on earth and up in heaven.

My name will be a blessing to many.
My speech will pour life to everyone.
For the Lord will be my God and I will be His workmanship
I will be a creation of His will.
His plan upon me will sprout out,
Grow and dominate like a mustard tree.

His righteousness in me will blossom like flowers by the river
And my faithfulness be pleasurable to Him.
They will rise like an incense to His throne
And be like a sweat smelling perfume to Him.
My worship will be like a dawn of a new day in a summer
And like sounds of the birds at the greens near the river.

For His friendship has overcame me,
His love has defeated me,
By Him my life will be dominated.
I will stand for His glory
And strive for His fame
For He is so kind and keen to me,
His faithfulness subdues me,
His mercy unspeakable.

When I look at myself I see Him.
Thus I will follow Him and sit at His feet
And raise and exalt His name throughout the world,
I will preach His gospel throughout the nations
He will reign in me, oh yes He will reign in me.

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