Barry Lindelihle Mvelase Poems

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Lonely Waters

You look beautiful and attractive especially from a distance.
Just like ordinary waters, but as quiet and as clear.
All alone surrounded by a horrible crowd of little trees.
No contact between you and other waters.

The Fact About Life

So what would you say life is?
Is it joy or is it grief?
Is it liberty or captivity?
Is it freedom or is it slavery?

Guilty Dog

I was guilty from birth.
Who can judge me?
I was cursed from the womb.
Who can love me?

My Ghostly Dream

So many are the times I have tried.
How so hardly have I strived.
Striving towards this dream,
Trying to make it real.

Sin Of An Affair (In Zulu)

Izigamu zomunwe wokukhomba
zazungezela zabambelela esithupheni
owayelenga esiweni
Nowayebambelele esiqwini sobhaqa

! /? }{*+-Bamboozled…….?

All my work is fading and my strength is lost.
All things that I’m trying to do are not working.
I want to surrender because I’m feeling failure from within my heart.
Regretting my faults also makes me feel like I am a looser.

A Psalm Of Apreciation

Oh Lord of heavens, God of eternity
Thou art great, high and exalted.
Seated enthroned on high
Forever and ever hallelujah!

My Heavy Past

It was when I was young
Before I could even consider what I was doing
I took this ball of heavy metal
I hung it around my neck

The Love Soliloquy

What if what I want was not meant to be.
The noise of her love within me,
But seems forbidden to be.
The upsurge of her love within my heart,

My Pure Love

I believe in love.
Amongst hearts filled with haughtiness and last,
On the soils that thirst for the fall of weakened souls,
In this flesh tempted with dishonesty and lust,

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