My Ghostly Dream Poem by Barry Lindelihle Mvelase

My Ghostly Dream

Rating: 5.0

So many are the times I have tried.
How so hardly have I strived.
Striving towards this dream,
Trying to make it real.
But now here I am sat.
Puzzled and hanging like wet.

Hopeless and tortured am I.
Hours and trials, they pile.
As meters ahead turn to miles.
My weakness is strong.
And all my strength is gone.
I’ve worked so hard, why must I stop?

Now triumphant seems to be a myth.
And it seems wise to retreat.
Because all my dreams are like ghosts.
By dawn they are always gone.
With all my zeal faded and lost.
How am I meant to endure?

But faith is the last weapon I’m left with.
Though so small and unseen, it will never miss.
With a small sound of a whispering voice.
Saying; “your tears will not come back void.
God has heard your cry.
It’s only just a matter of time.
Just believe and never give up.”

Luwi Habte 11 September 2009

God is good all the time God has heard your cry. It’s only just a matter of time. Just believe and never give up.” I love this phrase... nice poem there luwi

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Matt Mooney 11 February 2010

To you Barry I say have hope and and with effort and patience your ambitions will be fulfilled. You mention it yourself in the end when you mention faith. Have faith and hope in God the Father. He knows what is best for you in the long run. Your poem is excellent and I gave you ten.

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Victoria Mbali 11 February 2010

nice poem, faith is all we to going

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Adam Reed 10 February 2010

thats fantastic. faith is a tremendous weapon to have =)

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BARRY, this was a good poem i enjoyed reading it... hay can you comment on my poems and bio...thanxz

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Rajaram Ramachandran 18 September 2009

Man is living always on hopes and faiths that one day the dream will come true.

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