Dorian Petersen Potter

(a) Rainbow Connection (Free Style) - Poem by Dorian Petersen Potter

I write with all my heart
And every time that I do it
I feel all day long
Like smiling and laughing a bit

Writing poetry for me
Is such a powerful tool you see,
It’s more like a way of life for me
It's more like a 'Rainbow connection' too.

It is such a mighty God giving gift
So, if you happen to have it
Just toss it like magic powder
To all the four winds, and release it!

Writing poetry keeps me happy
And it keeps me from getting bored and sappy
It keeps my head and my nerves, and some
Of my own sanity in place, intact, somehow

From my mind one of these days just cracking
But the only thing I hate is all that reviewing
And all that editing and scanning that I do
After all that hard work and that thinking

Dozen of times I find myself alone
Changing some of the words’ positions I see
And a few more of those verses’ lines that I dislike
Then there all those crazy times that I just go back and delete those too

Words and more words, and more of my poetry
Writing when they seem my name just to call
Poetry make me feel fine all the time
Like I am more than ten feet tall

Everyday words and more words
Inside my heart and head keep coming
And all these sentences and words are to me
More like a rainbow connection just humming

Everyday I love learning more and more words
As I have the time to do it for you and me too
I love the idea to use them as the Good Lord
Wants me to, and all in the divine plan He has for me

Writing in general is so much fun
And it can give you along the way a lot of healing too
Once you claim it yours and just will it so
Writing is so much fun try it and you'll see

It can be used in good or bad things
All depends on what in your heart you keep.
My good Lord in all His infinite Love and wisdom
Has trusted me forever with this 'Rainbow connection'

He whispers right into my ears all the time, I listen,
I know He wants me to put it all together here in my poetry writing too.
So, I am committed in my heart to follow my dream thru
And put it all to good use as my Lord Jesus commands me to do.

I just desire in my heart to honor my Heavenly Father with it.
And do the best that I can accomplish with it too
To bring to your attention that there is really a God
Who truly loves you and cares for you no matter what you do!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, July 18, 2013

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