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A Road Named Faith

Rating: 5.0

Incandescent moonlit evening light
A walk along a distant road
That leads where no one has described
Some have been there and tell me so
But in going they cannot say
What they saw when they went that way.

Incandescent moonlit evening light
A walk that’s leaving bright lights of
All that’s known behind

And not knowing what will be found
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Not a member No 4 02 May 2007

A deeply questioning piece that implies concerns about ultimate ends and purpose all framed very effectively by the moonlit night and the sense of journeying far into it alone, which also contains enough scope and space within it to allow the reader room to enter with their own related concerns. A highly atmospheric and well structured, quality poem with impact that will stay with this reader. The best to you, jim

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JoAnn McGrath 20 April 2007

You never cease to amaze me David. How you can put to words in story like form, questions that are so hard to answer.......All I can say is faith is what keeps me going...... : O)

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Marci Made 19 April 2007

Another marvelous poem~~~~~~~~~~~Faith perhaps as difficult a concept to grasp as the even more elusive Hope. It's not the walking alone that's the problem, for many it is the only way to survive, it's the fear of what you'll run into as you walk alone what you might discover that you don't wish to. Faith not much different in many ways then the fear of the actual end itself. Letting Go, Letting Go, every day, even more letting go and yes that is SO hard. mm.xo

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