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My life is a well traveled road
I've been asked to carry a heavy load
If it wasn't for the Lord's grace
I would just be here taking up space

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(dodgy Dave Tale) Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Dodgy Dave
It's your day to misbehave
Enjoy yourself and have some cheer
Knowing that your loved all year

I Am Not A Woman...

I am not a woman that loves with a heart

(dodgy Dave Tale) Vera's Multi-Coloured Surprise

Well we have to go back again

(dodgy Dave Tale) Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave will see you now.

(dodgy Dave Tale) Angel On Earth

(Dodgy Dave Tale) Angel On Earth

Another Dodgy Dave Tale to converse
It seems David thinks he's not an angel or worse

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Gregory Golden 01 January 2008

A beautiful prayer or hymn to heal the soul. A superbly written interpretation of Bible Verse. The Father, the Son and the Holy ghost is the best insurance policy to have on this earthy place. Well done. Keep tell the truth on earth, as it is in heaven. God bless

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