A Robbery Poem by Kylie Pastor

A Robbery

Rating: 5.0

She stared in horror,
as I looked over her, towering.
She lay on the floor,
a painful reminder of what happened here.
She stared at my eyes,
and I knew what she was going to say.
'Your eyes, they're different.'
'I know they do that.
The Red spot in my right eye,
it gets bigger when I get angry.'
'Are you angry? '
'Yes, you shouldn't have broke into my house,
or any house for that matter.'
She cringed.
The woman who was supposed to rob my house,
(along with two other men)
was on the floor talking to me about my eyes.
'You should of ended up like them.' I said,
pointing to the men in the corner.
One was headless, the other throat slit.
'Your sparing me? ' she asked not looking at my face.
'LOOK AT ME! ! ! ' I screamed. 'Do my eyes look like I'm going to spare you? '
'Please! Don't do this! ' She pleaded.
'You should of thought of that before you picked my house.'
I ended the conversation and did what I had to.
I then grabbed some clean clothes, some with without all the blood on them.
I grabbed my stuff, and headed off to school.

Wesley Mincin 11 August 2009

It's interesting, I'll give you that. Putting dialogue into a poem is actually difficult you did an okay job here. I thought it was pretty good. Read my poem, Lover of Sin. That had a lot of dialogue in it. What I do find amusing, is how in the end, she heads off to school.

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