*a Ship Called Foolish Fate Poem by Gary Bryson

*a Ship Called Foolish Fate

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Who are you, and who am I
And do we know the reason why.

We board a ship called Foolish Fate
Together we sail, we bind our fate.
We have no Captain, no first mate,
No charts, no one to navigate.

Who am I and who are we,
And what makes us think that we will be
able to sail across that sea.
The sea of hopeless destiny.

Who am I, and who are they,
Who cast our lives to a watery grave,
And a wind that blows the hapless wave,
In a fragile ship we trust will save.

Who am I, what is the source,
That unites our lives, and braves the course,
Our hopes we bind, but fear the worst,
Continuing on, we resist the force.

Who am I, are we appalled?
Each soul a light, huddled in that hull.
Each spark of life, each face recalled,
Each crying of the voices small.

Who are you, and who am I,
And do you know the reason why.

We board a ship called Foolish Fate,
That has no Captain, no first mate,
In such a hurry, we can’t wait.
Then lost at sea, it is too late.

Who am I, my lot I cast,
On a ship without a mast,
Hopeless in the oceans vast,
With no future, and no past.

Who am I, who can’t agree,
To blindly drift across the sea,
Adrift without a destiny,
Oh Lord I lift my cry to Thee.

Who am I, to You implore,
Deliver me safe to that final shore,
Then I will sail the seas no more,
Then I will sail the seas no more.

Gary Bryson

Ravi Chandran 26 April 2007

wow that was really a marvellous thinking of yours its really very impressive keep up your good work please be kind to read my poems at ww.poemhunter.com/ravi-chandran and pleaseplease comment my poems

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Brian Dorn 08 April 2006

Again Gary, sooooo profound. Absolutely brilliant! Brian

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