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Love is understanding
Love is compromise
Love is generosity
Love is sacrifice

I'm sorry for what I've done
I'm sorry for who I've been
Sorry for where its gone
So sorry to lose a friend

Poetry is sexy
Its lyrics aim to please

Welcome to my haunted house
Dare to see the dark in me
Suits of armor wait to joust
Eyes in portraits move to see

Uniquely different, you and I
But, doing as we damn well please
We're products of intelligent design
No settling for mediocrity

Perfectly fitted as if by design
Your five fingers woven in mine
Coupled palms sublimely connecting
Severed love lines now intersecting

From the corner of my eye
Hard to fathom what I saw
Turned my head as if to try
And into love so deep I fall

Who are you to cast these stones
As if your transgressions were unknown

So, this is what my speck has triggered

Searching words in puzzle mazes
Guessing letters in cryptic phrases
Solving clues across and down
Mixing jumbles with pronouns

Fighting wars just like before
Hate to think how many more
Hour by hour, dying for power
Digging graves and laying flowers

Reach out to the leaves
As they fall from the trees
All at once the wind makes them run

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Brian Dorn's latest book, FROM MY POEMS TO YOURS (The Live Versions) , is now available through and may also be purchased through Northshire Bookstore (the publisher) . Please visit and for additional information and videos.)

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The Love Poem

Love is understanding
Love is compromise
Love is generosity
Love is sacrifice

Love does not discriminate
Love is free of charge
Love is the solution
Love is who we are

Love is universal
Love is heaven sent
Love was fastened to the cross
Love's greatest testament

Love is triumphant
Love is somersaults
Love is compassion
Love is free of fault

Love is forgiveness
Love offers a hand
Love is eternal
Love is His command

Brian Dorn Comments

Lynnie Kim 18 May 2006

So brilliant, so real, so beautiful A reflection, a comfort, a need Each time i read your poem, each phrase becomes a seed It's planted, it's nourished, it's watered It pushes, it grows, it'll bloom to throw a measure of pleasure, on my subtle gloom Thank you Brian.

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Ruby Root 31 July 2006

Hi Brian, I think your poems are excellent, you are a great writer. I really enjoy reading your poetry. Take care.

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Ivy Schex 10 September 2006

Brian, Thank you for all of your lovely comments. You have really brightened my day. I pray that God would bless you and keep you. Your sister in Christ, Ivy

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Aisha Sherazi 19 September 2006

Brian is a wonderful poet. His poems are never difficult to read, but make you think and reflect on a number of issues. His light hearted ones make you smile :) Brian is also a very kind and humble person, that comments on the work of others and has something positive to say in the warmest of ways. We are blessed to have Brian Dorn on

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Will Barber 19 October 2007

Brian Dorn is a poet of the chiaroscuro - light emphasized by surrounding darkness. Both in form and substance, he exemplifies the highest ideals of poesy. - Will

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Lisa Wilkinson 15 February 2007

Brians work speaks volumes. I love rhyming poetry and poetry that comes from the heart. Well done Brian. See you again this year. I am just busy fundraising and not got time to write much. Take Care, Lisa

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Thank you for your lovely comments on my work. Having read a selection of your wonderfully creative and passionate work it makes your comments all the more special. Thank you

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Jolanta Gradowicz 19 December 2006

Hello, Brian! I admire your gift for writing rhyming poems. I love your rhymes. You are a very creative and intelligent poet. You touch different subjects. Many of them are very original. I like your sense of humor. Warm wishes, Jolanta :)

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Janelle Morehart 13 October 2006

Hey Brain, wonderful poem (chemical smile) i love it its absolutly beautiful and i also love you other poem (four lettered word) short and sweet definetly to the point, i also wanted to say thanks, i rembered you sent me a comment about one of my poems, also wanted to say thanks for such great pomes, i love them all, keep writing

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