The Thrill Of Your Life

Now that I have you alone,
I can see the fire in your eyes
You’re not very good at holding it back
And tonight is the night
Even the stars above us have never
shined so bright
It’s now or never-
So here is our chance
The world around us has faded to white
And time is standing still
It’s just you and me now
Me and You
And just this once
I’ll hide my fears behind my heart
And you can take the lead

I’m begging you to let me
make this one mistake
I won’t be satisfied until you do
Come on, nobody’s watching
I want to have the best night of your life
Cheap thrills can only take you so far
So for just this one night
Don’t hold back
Because there’s nobody else I’d rather have here
than you
And that look in your eyes
is driving me crazy

You’re so guilty of your innocence
That you’re blind to this excursion
But I can’t wait too much longer
For the end of this night is drawing near
So let me make this one mistake
And I promise you I’ll be right here