A Single Leaf Poem by Randy McClave

A Single Leaf

Whether it was with a single leaf
That causes just one part grief,
Which stoked the fire or which started that flame
God most assuredly knows who to blame.
Or whether it be a bushel of leaves
Coming down from the trees,
And if that one leaf causes the fire to spread
Remember, that flame from that single leaf had fed.
It takes just one leaf to start a fire
And we all know that God hates a liar,
And then when from that flame that you started you cower
Remember, you're the one that gave the fire power.
Mores leaves because of you was then added on
Now you see the flame on a neighbors lawn,
The fire will quickly rise and then go out of control
Ready to burn and effect the very soul.
That fire can burn down a family's home
Or it can burn down a great city like Rome,
So, remember what you do or say or who you praise
Because, it could be you that started the blaze.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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