Sivvelyn Ohirun

A Sliced Of Bread & Iris - Poem by Sivvelyn Ohirun

A siren buzzing waking my weak strength,
Between death and life like walking under one inch bar,
A barely sight, I thought a snow just falling...
No I was wrong, ashes is falling...
My sight comes to clear all the frozen view...
As the sealed wound loosens it sew..

A man in misery passing on the crumble land that I stand.
Piece of filth fabric to keep him warmed...
'A sliced of bread' can bring you far from dead.
He shared what he has, I take without change.
Exploring his eyes, regret the almost dead land...
Shows the sadness from his breaking heart and says;

How long since my very own naked eye,
See the glorious high blue sky?
Since when the devil metal bird fly,
Bring the deadly pitch black smoke by,
Like swallowing the whole entire sky,
Sounds of horrific roar make the children to cry.

Starts an unknown step, leaves me behind...

I'm wondering in the wide white land,
A baby crying in his mother's hand,
I wonder she gave birth to the little son,
Screaming with a pain in raining bombs?

Please take my sleeve...
Please wrap your son from chills..
Cold breeze pinching my skin, I'm broken.
The baby sleeps, I'm Leaving without token.

The mother crying with tears of bless,

You saved me from catastrophe ruin,
By giving me a heaven's coin...

Another set of wondering...
In a snow of ashes that keeps falling,
Cover the beautiful flowers from rising...
Just like winter in spring...

How many have lost their shelter?
How many siblings lost their sister?
How many died without a grave?
How many children living unsaved?

Before a long, I saw a single small shelter,
Build under the tree of golden shower,
Shelter from paper box with a small enter,
A little girl crawl out from her little shelter,
Sweet but fray within the face like flower...

The sliced of bread can bring her far from dead,
I give to her without ask a change...

But the girl gives me a purple Iris...

Thank you...
This is for you...

Enormous meaning behind the Iris,
Realize my generations start the crisis,
A war of my generation have done,
You must build like what peace begun,

My eye dry but my heart is cry,
The girl gives me for another try,
Search a peaceful song to sing,
For a chance for a new world begin...

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 16, 2011

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