Sivvelyn Ohirun

A Criminal Poetic-Almost Clandestine - Poem by Sivvelyn Ohirun

My heart's rebelling...
Sweet agony, it's outstanding...
Swoon in awake remains suffering...
Haunting my eternal life yet keeps enticing...

Deadly gasping under my feet,
Your gaze just called me foul,
Evil whisper harbinger...
I end your heart beats,
I took your very soul.

Slightly guilty slightly blame,
Slightly filthy slightly insane,
How could i graze you innocent?
I'm in love with you sweet dame,
My heart's pouring breaking the frame...

Sting more than poisonous dart,
Sharp more than venomous sliver,
'No... I can't...'
You decide to breaks my heart? !
You decide to pierce more deeper? !

Slowly and softly you reach my leg...
Waiting your wish for earnest beg...

You may escape from your sin,
But the moon saw your red handed,
You may run from my dead,
But the moon will cast your guilty shadow,
You may deny your crime,
But the moon is my only witness...
You shall live in hell...

I'm leaving her recline cold and alone...
While I'm racing in tears with face like stone...

Dawn fades into the morning lights,
The radio spreading your story 'dead fright'
Like a disease the paper print your dead body black & white,
More famous you become the top highlight news for tonight,
I am listening, reading and watching... I missed you right? ?

Smearing a queer, unexpected prediction...
Her words become my addiction,
Her words become my obsession,
I've become haunted by her words, day and night,
I've become ghost adored her words, day and night.

Every word never rot from my mind,
Every line never die from my mind..

A words of her,
A crime of mine.
A poems of her,
A sin of mine.

You become my dark inspiration,
Blinded by your inside illusions,
Hold you in one heart too hard...
Seems the obsess uneasy to handle,
All your beautiful words all over the wall...

Your words become the grandeur of art, respect...
Everybody loves you, adore you...
Tété á tété; clandestinely tells my dirty secret,
Everybody talks about you, yes you...
Greatest creation, oh i just forget to regret.

And everything comes to one last tick,
The radio mentioning me as criminal poetic,
Like golden war the paper luring hunter so chaotic,
Tonight news; my story just too dramatic,
I'm listening, reading and watching, i heard you; 'pathetic'

My dark room dazzling in red and blue...
Who's the wit witch that breaking my clue?
The moon knows everything...
Schizophrenia love and full of obsession,
Know bring me to complete corruption...

Almost clandestine... Almost...

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 16, 2011

Poem Edited: Monday, May 16, 2011

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