Sivvelyn Ohirun

Entails Of The Flowers - Poem by Sivvelyn Ohirun

The natural beauty what men believe?
Best friend of ladies so hard to resist,
But flowers and human precisely persist,
Symbolize of meaning between, come to release.

Tiny winy Bluebell has its own fairy tale,
Deep blue slowly fade the tip petal pale,
Imagining and listening tinkling sound little bell,
Bending, greeting your attend really well,
Grateful little Bluebell, never scent of smell,
But kindness of grateful from heaven not hell.

Behind the red-white wavelet Carnation,
Means of deplorable hiding intention,
Fragile soft petal tattered like depression,
Depression yet disappointed has been mention,
Disappointed Carnation symbol of frustration,
A fertile thought; Carnation not a dream to become flower of nation.

Cherry Blossom the Queen of the spring,
Thousand little petal still happiness it bring,
Under the shower snow of pink, people celebrating,
With friends, family, alone or intimate dating,
Kind yet gentle Cherry Blossom blooming and falling perfect in everything,
Even meets the summer cherry ready to harvesting.

Instance of Freesia as we given the name,
Careless as the wind but eagerness fury as the flame,
Despise me, who cares I always right anything to blame?
F for freedom, F for fun, F for farce and F for fame,
Immature Freesia childish act never think of shame,
Mature in need to handle the 'adult hater' to be tame.

True blue Forget Me not glowing catching every eye,
Cool blue petals flake representing of words for five,
Utter the words, say it; 'True Love Will Never Die',
True love Forget Me Not, eternal love for a life,
True love will never die, whenever it become thy,
Believe, behold, efface hesitant, will never bring lie.

Fiery Orange Lily swindling your mind 'impresto! '
Born with rage of vengeance from the hell of Inferno,
Full of hatred, addicting for revenge helping the evil glow,
Beauty tangy color with dark red spot, persuading come for more,
More hatred, more vengeance, Orange Lily get the bad name, oh no,
Hatred never done enough, Orange Lily... vengeance will remains grow.

Purplish color of you, scent of Lavender caressing and calm,
To err is human, to forgive; Divine. Sincerity feels so warm,
Hoping in every decide, loyalty never aside, remain in the rhyme,
Trust your worthy loyal friend, love each other and feel no harm,
Symbol of faithful the Lavender given, so do not 'spin a yarn'
Faiths among friend shall never trait and give an open welcoming arm.

Red Spider Lily, you remain of infill dreaming,
Scarlet proudly stand in the dry summer heating,
Fray little Spider Lily and lost longing in yearning,
Like hoping in an empty dream, without voices; screaming,
Lost memory and never meet again the symbol of you...Aching,
Red Spider Lily, leaving hopes and loves and waits for breaking.

Clean White Rose, pure color of peaceful,
Innocence yet naive make you free from sinful,
Like a heaven sent, without your purity, it's dull,
You're garden's friend, without you, its uncalled beautiful,
White Rose symbol of Silence, Innocence for the devotion rule,
Like a bride in white, waiting for her happiness and joyful.

Lemony color of the Yellow tulip growing at side of the hill,
Holds a biggest wish to love somebody and please to fulfill,
Like skeleton in the closet, guarded secret just scare to reveal,
Love turn the story down, shall the feel staying conceal?
One sided love, somebody become the Yellow Tulip; dreads feel?
Even love getting stronger, Mr. Yellow Tulip afraid of another deal.

Now the flower is just not a flower,
You will see and start to wonder,
What flower really matches your character?
Is it turning bad? Or is it turning better?

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 2, 2011

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