A Soft Caress While You Cry

Rating: 5.0

My breeze
Is the one you feel
Lingering cold in the morning
The soft caress in the trees
The one playing with the leaves
Shaping the clouds
And fighting with the birds

My breeze
Is the one battling
With you on a cold winters day
The one whipping your face
With creamy white snow flakes

My breeze
Is the one playing
With the sand corns on the shore
And messing with your hair while
You’re watching the horizon
And the twilight fades away

My breeze
Is the one whining
Outside your window while the war
Between the heavenly skies and earth
Is being fought

My breeze
Is the one you see
Yanking of your roof
And pulling up the trees
To throw them on your car

My breeze
Is the coldhearted one you feel
After the tornado has passed
And the only thing you have left
Is the air you breathe

My breeze
Puts the clouds on the sky

My breeze
Makes the butterflies fly

My breeze
Gives you shivers down your spine

My breeze
Gives you comfort while you cry


Beautifully worded, good metaphor. An altogether lovely read.; D

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