A Soldiers Last Letter Poem by Mallory Piña Villa

A Soldiers Last Letter

I left the town
A night in June
Towards a war
That I didn’t knew

You sent me a letter
But when answering your words
We passed a graveyard
Who corrupted my words
I wanted to scream
And run back home

Darling I’m afraid
I’ll be delayed
So I won’t be home
When our baby is born

When writing this letter
I wanted to cry
But I can’t
Because baby
I’m a guy

Men must be strong
So men don’t cry
But baby
I want to kill this guy
Who said such a stupid words
I swear I’ll kill him
And make him eat his words

In this moment
We arrived at the camp
Blood, sweat and tears
Welcomed us back

Men twice my size
Were crying for momma
Covered in blood
And still in their pjmas

I’ve got good news
And bad ones
I won’t be delayed
But I won’t come home
Tomorrow, next week or in years
I fact my dear
I never will.

Don’t spill your tears
You’re so fragile my dear…
Please tell my son
To not play with guns

Move on my dear
But do never forget me
Marry a man
And do never regret it

They say
That I won’t be okay
But I already knew that
So I guess its okay

The bindings are falling
And blood is crawling
Out of my body
Leaving me spotty
And stained
But I guess, I’ll soon be drained

Darling, these are my last words
Written on a bloody paper
I dedicate these to you

Darling live your life as I tell you to
I’m not bossy
I’m just telling the truth
Darling always remember

Life’s too short to wake up in the morning with regrets
Love the people who treat you right
Forget about the ones who don’t

Believe everything happens for a reason
And if you get a chance. Take it
If it changes your life. Let it
I’m not saying it’ll be easy
Just promising it’ll be worth it

Love like never before
Live like it’s your last day
And dream like it’ll last forever

Take care of those around you
You’ll never know if you’ll see them again

Remember me for who I am
Not for whom I was
Let me live on within you
Take care of those who I let behind
Including you

And with these words
I’ll leave you
Remember I LOVE YOU

My friends are now crying
While I’m slowly dying
I am not lying

I’m closing my eyes
And taking a breath
My last breath

I love you
And never forget it
Believe it
Live it
Breath it
Love it
Smell it
Taste it
Cause its true


I love you And never forget it Believe it Live it Breath it Love it Smell it Taste it Cause its true I LOVE YOU.. this is what soldier is undergoing the trauma in life..natural agony to bear for beloved country men....10

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