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I’m walking down the shore under the sunny sky
Lost in thoughts about butterflies

Dancing among the yellow – green trees

I lulled myself to sleep, while crying
The thought of you, got my heart dying
Readied tears are falling from my eyes
They fall for you, as rain from the skies

Several small poems i've written over the years

- Small things

Humans seeks love because they like the pain
They like it so much that they welcome it with open arms
They seek the hurt as a dog seeks for bones
They get high of it, like a drug addicted man with ecstasy

My breeze
Is the one you feel
Lingering cold in the morning
The soft caress in the trees

Stability can't be found on one leg

So i tried with two

You beautiful bird
Born from the flames
Rosen from the burning inferno of chaose
Still tender and sweet

I left the town
A night in June
Towards a war
That I didn’t knew

I always felt kind of lonely

But you weren’t my only

I had a dream
It scared me
I screamed
But you didn’t help me

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My name's Mallory and i'm indeed only 14 years old. I'm young, i know. I started to write because... Don't know really. I see it as something fun and it brings out as my english teatcher used to say 'your creative side' didn't really knew i had one until she said those words... really. I know my poems arn't as good as old Shakes (May he rest in peace, amen) I don't expect them to be. Old shakes is my inspiration since i knew how to say his name. I love his poems and i really recomend Hamlet, i love that play, it's really good. If there's someone who acctually is reading this thing i hope you haven't noticed that i love to say really... really. Love that word! Sounds great and... I know i'm awnsering a very important question while writing this. Yes i am weird and for your information, yes i am indeed crazy. No not crazy, completely out of my mind, insane, mad, Loco! Hehe; D My friends refer me as a 'mad genius'. But sadlly enough i'm trying to keep the 'mad' part out of this site, don't want anyone to sue me... really. In a normal situation i use to curse a lot instead for using bruttal force. So as you see, NOT A SINGEL CURSE! I'm accually behaving now! Miracle! Haleluja. Haleluja. Haleluja! Okay... Now that i got that out of me. Eh i have never published a book, don't think it's posible for a 14 year old to publish a book, or is it? I think it was a 9 year old that published a book about girls from his point of view? HEY! Why can 9 year old publish a book but not me! ? So unfair! Lol, i remember that i was watching oprah when i saw that... Man i'm weird...)

The Best Poem Of Mallory Piña Villa

A Lonely Butterfly

I’m walking down the shore under the sunny sky
Lost in thoughts about butterflies

Dancing among the yellow – green trees

Gracefully and quietly

I spot them everywhere round my mind
Around the corners, upstairs in the basement
Surrounding me like a sea of colors

I wake up…

I am back at the beach
Leaning against a tree
The sky covered by clouds in every shape and form
But there I spot it
Dancing on the grass covered slope

A lopsided smile
A quiet laughter
A lonely butterfly

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Mallory Piña Villa Popularity

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