Mallory Piña Villa Poems

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A Lonely Butterfly

I’m walking down the shore under the sunny sky
Lost in thoughts about butterflies

Dancing among the yellow – green trees

¨the Fallen Bride

I lulled myself to sleep, while crying
The thought of you, got my heart dying
Readied tears are falling from my eyes
They fall for you, as rain from the skies

Multiple Perspective

Several small poems i've written over the years

- Small things

No Excuses

Humans seeks love because they like the pain
They like it so much that they welcome it with open arms
They seek the hurt as a dog seeks for bones
They get high of it, like a drug addicted man with ecstasy

A Soft Caress While You Cry

My breeze
Is the one you feel
Lingering cold in the morning
The soft caress in the trees


Stability can't be found on one leg

So i tried with two

The Kiss Of A Phonix

You beautiful bird
Born from the flames
Rosen from the burning inferno of chaose
Still tender and sweet

A Soldiers Last Letter

I left the town
A night in June
Towards a war
That I didn’t knew

My Love.... My Enemy

I always felt kind of lonely

But you weren’t my only

Darling Please Save Me..

I had a dream
It scared me
I screamed
But you didn’t help me