A Soldiers Christmas Poem by Sheryl Deane

A Soldiers Christmas

A Soldiers Christmas

Little children gather round,
Christmas lights are shining.
Stars beam bright and candles flicker
While dancing shadows melt the night

At the door children sing
‘'God rest ye merry gentleman''
While Grandpa's chair rocks back and forth
In time with carol melody

Long ago a fierce trench war was fought
And suffering, insurmountable, fell on every man
Till pain unbearable and impossible to understand
Flowed in tears as blood spilt on the sand

God cried - Enough
I give you my son to end this war
A miracle birth and three wise men
Will bring peace to you all

On Christmas day a truce was called
Men climbed desperately out their trenches
To meet and shake hands
Enemies no more, freedom stood tall

Both sides were heroes on that day
All felt the magic of Christmas cheer
As a game of soccer became
Truer sport than weapons of war

''Peace on earth, Good will to men',
Is the message Christmas brings
A chance for nations to be free
A chance to live and not to die
If only for a day

God knew
One day of peace is all it takes
To imagine heaven on earth

A Soldiers Christmas
Thursday, December 15, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: christmas day,soldier,war memories,world war i
It is my belief that true heroes prevent war instead of engaging war. This poem is set in the first world war trenches and is about a 16 year old soldiers first Christmas at war. The implication is that this is of course, the last chrismtas these men and boys will have.
Laurie Van Der Hart 11 June 2017

Very ironic. Idiotic. Tragic. Funny, l also wrote a poem connected with war last Christmas. It's called Chrsitmas Present.

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