Beautiful Boy Poem by Sheryl Deane

Beautiful Boy

Rating: 5.0

Little boy, Beautiful child
The world is your embrace
All is light and fearlessness
While untamed animals dance with you
By the lake

Wild Flowers open in your gaze
Their perfume rising like butterflies
Fluttering in the warm breeze
Leading your path ahead

Little boy, beautiful child
Your heart beats strong
Wash clean the battered shores
Of adult greed and pain
Take us to a place
Of Peace

Teach us all you know
Show us how to feel
Guide us to wisdom
Bathe us in your childhood delight

Little Boy, beautiful child
Your cries wrench grown hearts
And helpless innocence breaks fierce souls

Those that hurt you are cursed
For generations of war
Will spill from your innocent wounds
And infect cities to icy retreat

Forgive us little boy,
Unfreeze the cruelty of adults
Show us the path we lost when
We focused on being grown-up

Little boy, Beautiful child
Stay with us always

Beautiful Boy
Monday, May 22, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: boy,childhood ,innocence
Children are unspoilt and their innocence is a guide to adults who are trying to get back to their inner child and live in the present moment
Bernard F. Asuncion 05 June 2017

Your cries wrench grown hearts... congrats on being chosen... a big 10+++++

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Sheryl Deane 05 June 2017

Thanks for reading the poem

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Edward Kofi Louis 05 June 2017

The world is your embrace! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Mike Irwin 12 June 2017

very deep and touching thanks so much mike irwin

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Chinedu Dike 10 June 2017

You've painted a powerful picture of the unadulterated innocence of children. Focussed and factual. Thanks for sharing Sheryl.

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Mj Lemon 05 June 2017

A wonderful poem, Sheryl. Perhaps for adults, that communion with the inner child comes with a reset of the moral compass. This work goes on my favourites list.

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Laurie Van Der Hart 05 June 2017

A beautiful poem, Sheryl, with a lovely photo to match. How's Durbs? I'm from Cape Town. Well done on having Poem of the Day - it's given s something positive to think about. I have two fast-changing boys...

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Sheryl Deane 21 January 2023

I am living in Cape Town now, as well. Been on a lot of international travels and returned home recently.

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Sheryl Deane 11 June 2017

Thanks for the thumbs up! I live in Cape Town now. Children are a gift to treasure

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Akhtar Jawad 05 June 2017

Children are unspoilt and their innocence is a guide to adults who are trying to get back to their inner child and live in the present moment. A lovey poem and a very good poet's note that explains the great thoughts of the poem. Congrats, a good selection as members poem of the day.

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