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Little boy, Beautiful child
The world is your embrace
All is light and fearlessness
While untamed animals dance with you

Dark blue swells of watery mountains
Hold tears from a thousand eyes,
And collapse in a great crash of white,
As they skid and hiss towards the shore shining

Who's Next?

She's blond and blossoming young
She's a black doctor and drives a car

Ode to the Arts by Sheryl Deane
Open the book and page through time
Our history captured first hand
By the pen of an artist, the stroke of a brush

Give me an ocean to swallow
And I will follow that wave
Riding high in the wind and rain
Balanced on illusion

The Past
Grows into the present
Like a bold flower, it

(KommetjieCape Town- January 2009)

Why lie in the shallows little whale?


I dream of winter
Where the wild winds blow

Joyful singing fills the air
Sun rises over ancient farms
Birds chorus together with a happy song
Flying from tree to tree, and skipping branches

A world of lily's float
Under an old wooden bridge
Etched in her soul
Imagined on her palette


Has religious ceremony replaced love?
Has selfish gain replaced kindness?
Has greed replaced world order?

A Soldiers Christmas

Little children gather round,
Christmas lights are shining.

A gloomy day awaits the runner
Shivering, his restless eyes focus
Far ahead, to a distant summer

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Born in Durban South Africa, Sheryl completed her B.Mus at the University of Natal with a major in Music Education and English. She currently works as a Music Teacher and creative author, Sheryl has worked at DSK in Cape Town SA, Berkshire Young Musicians Trust, UK, and as an international teacher at school in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Her most recent teaching contract was at U -Link College in Wuhan, China.)

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Beautiful Boy

Little boy, Beautiful child
The world is your embrace
All is light and fearlessness
While untamed animals dance with you
By the lake

Wild Flowers open in your gaze
Their perfume rising like butterflies
Fluttering in the warm breeze
Leading your path ahead

Little boy, beautiful child
Your heart beats strong
Wash clean the battered shores
Of adult greed and pain
Take us to a place
Of Peace

Teach us all you know
Show us how to feel
Guide us to wisdom
Bathe us in your childhood delight

Little Boy, beautiful child
Your cries wrench grown hearts
And helpless innocence breaks fierce souls

Those that hurt you are cursed
For generations of war
Will spill from your innocent wounds
And infect cities to icy retreat

Forgive us little boy,
Unfreeze the cruelty of adults
Show us the path we lost when
We focused on being grown-up

Little boy, Beautiful child
Stay with us always

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