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Overnight, very discreetly
Very quietly we come to life
Nobody sees us, betrays us
We invade host after host

Dear reader
Ever so grateful that you looked for my poems
Actually, there are none here anymore
Currently, I'm at odds with the PH admin

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Invisible Invasion

Overnight, very discreetly
Very quietly we come to life
Nobody sees us, betrays us
We invade host after host
We multiply and multiply
Without their knowledge
So many of us!
We spill over
From person to person
They carry on, business as usual
Unknowingly allowing us
To spread
Everything they touch
Becomes covered with us
Then one by one
They become ill
They fall
Today two,
Tomorrow four,
The next day, eight,
Sixteen, thirty -two, sixty four,
One hundred twenty eight
Two hundred fifty six
Five hundred seventy two...
So many of us!
We're not stopping
They are dropping
Like flies
We jump like fleas
Over land and seas
With ease
They've lost control
We are winning
We shall inherit the earth
And then we too
Will die

Laurie Van der Hart Comments

Bill Cantrell 14 October 2017

A wonderful poetess who's poetry many times focuses on issues of importance regarding moral issues and injustices so commonplace in today's anything goes society, her range of thought is indeed deep.

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Douglas Scotney 15 May 2019

re my comment to your Jellyfish poem, I think I meant it was both a good thing and a bad that there was an explanation for the jellyfish

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Jane Campion 22 July 2019

Laurie has imagination in abundance. Her poems are always interesting.

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Denis Mair 17 July 2019

Laurie's work ranges from matters of conscience and social justice to experiences that tug her heartstrings. I could apply many adjectives: fresh, whimsical, caring, nature-loving, life-affirming, knowledgeable, grateful. The poems selected here give evidence of her identity as a world citizen..

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Yehualashet Teshome 16 April 2020

Dear Laurie, Thank you for your beautiful poems. I sincerely hope that you will stay on this site and continue writing your great poems Yehualashet Teshome

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 January 2020

I was surprised, shocked and angry that this could happen. Dear Laurie with the intelligent mind and golden heart, You're too smart to leave, I reckon. Missing your Bear and those oldies from that appartment. I wrote a brevity upon your leaving the site, " African Train Trip" , no more now. I love all your poems, fascinating ones with that tinge humor

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Seamus O Brian 21 January 2020

Stopped by to check on old friends, and was assaulted by a sensory onslaught. Reminds me of the old Myspace before it became defunct under the weight of its own advertising greed. I salute and stand in solidarity with your position. Beyond that, I pray you enjoy a blessed and inspired New Year. Take care, my friend. Seamus

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Bharati Nayak 20 January 2020

Laurie Van der Hart ! You are a highly talented poet as well as an excellent reviewer.I have read many of your poems and awed by their beauty and depth.Perhaps you do not agree with many things of Poem Hunter, but you should not deprive the readers your poems.I also request Poem Hunter to take required measures to make this Site a great place for writers and readers.

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Sandra Feldman 04 December 2019

A wonderful, kind person Excellent Poetess, too Lucky us, to have her here We love her poetry, So very loving, So sincere! Keep on writing, Laurie, dear.

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