A Song For A Very Dear Friend Poem by Locura Alaam

A Song For A Very Dear Friend

Rating: 5.0

Listen now, my pearl
Even though I'm just a churl
I do know life is hard
Don't need to ask no card
Things just seem...to break down all apart
Just when you're about to touch that dream
Gets wicked thoughts to come and intervene
It's like being stabbed...In your self-esteem
I know...
I'll admit to you, girl
I don't know what to say
But it's just a fact
You keep my mind intact
I simply owe you much
You did more than me touch
So don't tell me hush
I'll keep an onrush
You knew about my crush...
You ain't my heart crushed
You're precious to me, dear
So please...don't fear
You got me by your side
I got your front and rear
So don't worry, dear
And just try to bide
Trust me, you're the shit
So keep a smiling fit

Even though I know that you do feel alone
Trust me, girl, when I tell you
Every time you wake up for the dawn
Somewhere around this globe
There's someone keeping you so close
Forgive me if I do take another...pause
But never seem to close
Or even get so close
To guide you to them doors
I don't know what to do...
I don't know what to choose...
But I want you to know, girl
That I'm glad I met you
I'll never that rue
So let me tell you boo

I know that I probably play a part in your depression
Needless to deny, girl, this is just confession
I'm tryna stop vexin'
My mind just perplexin'
To do more than just textin'
I try to figure somethin'
But there ain't no instruction
So let's put down the tension
For one night quit on stressin'
Trust me I ain't jestin'
Testin', I'm just ventin'
I'm scentin' something sent in

Rachel Streek 27 August 2012

Great song I love it. Whomever you wrote it for is lucky to have you in there life

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Hannah Cooper 18 August 2012

[3 I love this song, as you know

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