A Song On Basketball Poem by Gayathri Seetharam

A Song On Basketball

A song on basketball
-Gayathri B. Seetharam
Please note: I have sung this to David Brubeck's Kathy's Waltz and Take Five on my You Tube page.
I am tired of shopping bags which are heavy
And laundry baskets which are full
And small buckets of fries which don't fulfill promises
Even when done Cajun style
I dance seductively to the beat of Santana
And sway my hips languorously to the tune of Wynton Marsalis
And move beautifully to the music of Thelonius Monk and Oscar Peterson
But I switch modes and jam to the NBA moves of the Toronto Raptors
For basketball has the ball going into the basket
Many a time, in a slick move or as a slam dunk
Or as a 3-pointer from "Downtown" Court or outside the play circle
A difficult move but practice makes for perfection;
The ball in the basket
Makes my breasts and hips swing
To the beat of the rhythm of the play
Basketball, you do it for me
But I could go in a big way for all sports
If Toronto is in the playoffs.

A Song On Basketball
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: music,sports
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