A Girl Is Also Special Poem by Gayathri Seetharam

A Girl Is Also Special

A Girl is also Special
-Gayathri B. Seetharam
This is to my mother
Who loved my brother a tad much more
When we were growing up;

I was the youngest
And had 2 older siblings
And I was quite far apart;

If my brother was 6 years older than me
My sister was 5 years older than me
And I was the young one;

Now that I have a 19 year old boy
And wish for him to have the earth
And not have a dearth for anything;

But to all those people out there
I say, A girl brings equal joy
For she is the apple of her parents life;

A girl can be whomever she wishes to be like
We have Clara Hughes,
A summer and winter Olympics winner;

We have PM Justin Trudeau's cabinet female ministers
Who have shown that a girl
Can be also politically ahead;
We have Prof. Molly Shoichet of U of Toronto
Who has won an Order of Canada
For her engineering and research skills;

We have Ms. Heather Pikor at Iogen Corporation
Who has won the Director of Biotechnology status
For her research experience and work;

We have Ms. Anita Rau Badami in Canada
Who has won the Commonwealth Best Book Award
And is a celebrated author;

There are so many, many, many women
Who have graced the history books in different ways
I mention Ms. Kim Campbell who served as PM in 1993 for 5 months;

The last achievement sets Canada apart from the USA
Which is yet to boast of a female head
If girls can twirl and swirl in skirts and swathe themselves in saris
Ever so beautifully, they can also head and manage affairs nicely;

If I gave birth to a boy
And am married to a good man
And made an Elliot Moose
I have painted Dora the Explorer;

If "girls just wanna have fun"
And it is not always about a bun in an oven
Or about being paid a ton for honest work
Then I say that the kitchen is the place to stun;

But there is science and engineering
And writing essays and poetry
And making art and music and dance
All of which I have excelled in
Look me up on Linked In and Facebook and PubFacts
And I say, Girls and women have ken and use their pens in their den.

Carved in Rome in the 2nd century A.D.,a damaged work in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, represents Aglaia (Splendor or Beauty) , Euphrosyne (Mirth) , and Thalia (Good Cheer or Abundance) , the handmaidens of Aphrodite. Daughters of Zeus and Eurynome, The Three Graces are patrons of the best aspects of nature and society. Typically depicted nude, these three gracious and sensuous female attendants to the gods held special importance at festivals and parties, where their loveliness was meant to inspire goodness and charity among the revelers. [Source of reference: Visions of Romance, Met Store magazine]
In Canada, it is the celebration of feminism and femininity and sincere fervour in principle and practice as far as pragmatism allows the fabulousness of feminism to go.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love and life
Shyla Agaram 08 April 2018

Very nicely written Gayithri.

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Jazib Kamalvi 20 March 2018

A good start with a nice poem, Gayathri. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.

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