A Speck Of Dust In An Endless Black Poem by Ricky Lewis

A Speck Of Dust In An Endless Black

Six days wrought a smoldering existence, the start of a tragedy
Genesis to Revelation, create a chaotic inharmonic malady
A strike at the tightly wound heartstrings, lacerated soul,
Are we all nothing but what we form as a whole?

Weep no more, angels descending from their empyrean nest,
Noble weapons raised in the name of universal conception
Tattoo the planet with a fiery march, swords at the sky and kill the rest
For the glory of the grand celestial deception

Time of need, time to reprieve, this transgression for self relief
Deistic hymn, through all souls, war shall purge non belief
Endless lives perish for your heavenly quest, crusade against identity
Diatribe of hate, spurned for your creator for all eternity

Face to face with virtuous bloodstained cries
Chivalry in the name of all knowing cosmic lies

What evil can be done, what hell is capable,
The hunger for religious domination utterly insatiable
Ultimate martyrdom or fairytale neurosis?
The leftovers burn for your religious psychosis.

Turn the pages of your crutch for lifelong wisdom,
Purge nonbelievers for a ticket to an angelic kingdom
Your son forever nailed to a fictional crucifix
All in retaliation of the almighty Six Six Six.

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