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9.6.) The Precursors - Poem by Ricky Lewis

This is the ten part poem 'The Precursors' condensed into one. The separate ones are up too.

A Discovery

What stands between the boundaries of reality and fiction?
A simplified line holding place in time
Against a gale of curiosity pushed beyond capacity
A prying eye seeing beyond sight
They reach and grasp, through the rips and tears,
Little do we realize their world is made of nightmares
To hold close and dear a mystery is found,
Amid foliage and lands virgin to human eyes
Crashed from the heavens, dove through the skies
A monument of predecessor might, sound and eyes
Bears forth new burdens of man, he is not alone
For his evolution from both stick and stone
Is to be accredited to a nameless race
Born from space

The Antecessors

A voice from the artifact shrieks to the earth
A beck and call, a tale of glorious birth
A prophecy offered, a world under threat
Begins a campaign with no regret
Spoke the machine, simple and stern
The welcome overstayed,
and our world shall burn

Millennia ago, though still a mystery
a primordial creature ventured from his tree
Visited by a great monolith from the firmament
His existence solely granted by the determinant
Whose presence on this fertile soil proved grievous
Now controlled by the great cosmic fetus
Though by accident his existence
Was both circumstance and coincidence
The visitors were led to believe
This animal as a threat they could not conceive
Unperturbed this creature lives on in its domain
So for now their subsistence shall remain
But foolishly they leave behind
Artifacts that this man shall find
As evidence of what it becomes
They'll build their kingdoms
Reminiscent of fathers they’ve yet to know
Soon their power will endlessly grow
Though ancestors remember so clearly
To the memory they cling so dearly
Inspires the future to develop and suture
Wounds they inflict to themselves

The Warning

In the present day the machine sets ablaze
A reclamation of a world in message it conveys
From past till present humankind has begotten
All the while their true father is long forgotten
It offers an forecast and concluding suggestion
Resistance is futile and extinction without question


From conspiracy to contingency the people decree
Perhaps this forewarning is not the whole story
Leaders and followers are one and the same
The news that the gods are coming to reclaim
From planning, to practice, they prepare their world
From a celestial damnation nearly unfurled
They study the relic that delivered the augury
And foreshadowed their imminent misery
Hoping for a saving grace from the ending
What can they expect from the death impending?


They stand aware, watching and waiting, the skies are bare
Awaiting the arrival of the precursors seemingly nowhere
Guns and missiles, tanks and shields, fearing no more
Facing the heavens
Ready for war

Grand crashes and mile wide craters,
The trembling earth greets the creators
With volleys of bombs and walls of gunfire
Great alien machines stomp upon the human empire

With sweeping waves of demolition
They cover our world in ash
Through crushing fists and devastation
Both man and god shall clash

Alien Mechanism

From the sky beams of light fall
Incineration of man's achievements
furthers their call

What surrounds the planet, machinery spins heavily
A great watching evil contributing hellishly
So elegantly, a beautiful cosmic dance

Weaponry from fictitious realms laying waste to our kind
A destroyer of worlds they've designed

A crushing ordinance from beyond our reach
A request for mercy we beseech

Ignorant to their pleas,
It targets our cities
And silence is laid over them


Merci less they crush and kill
Driven by their spiteful will
Unstoppable they dominate
Burn and rape, ravage desecrate
All man stands for is ruined
Choking on the smoke of failure

Hunting the survivors they carefully exterminate
With precise conviction they systematically eradicate

What does a future such as this hold in store
When the owners of the future exist no more?


A sinful unity of enemies forlorn
Together they find love behind the hate and flame
They look past the putrid scorn
A love in secrecy though held away in shame
Mother and father, formed a passion so despised
Holding dear to a love that transcends
Both race and caste
Unified as one true love
But as all good things
It shall not last

What Remains

Is all that stands above the oceans of ash
Nothing but skeletons of monuments past?
A charred, coal colored land,
Remnants of the final stand
choking and deadly each breath befalls
No longer living in these hallowed walls
Remaining is the anguish of imbalance,

Their history conceived,
The achievements they'd see
All that they've become
Entire civilizations rest
At the bottom of the sea

Smoldering planet
Billowing remnants blotting the sun
A twenty five thousand mile wide tombstone
Our eternal celestial sarcophagus
Buried under miles of rubble
Their job is done

The Egg

Such a curious tale, a journey of love and hate
The product of sinful gathering brings this child's fate
He sits perched above a fresh and clean slate,
It's his to create, redefine, rebuild and retaliate

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