A State Of Entropy(Poetry Slam) Poem by Theorem The Truth Serum

A State Of Entropy(Poetry Slam)

Rating: 2.9

You better back you actions with morals
But instead you are a chief
who cooks up inedible morsels
Laser points aimed at your torso
Just step aside cause no one will take the bullet
You're as fresh as an uncut mullet
Swept into the dust pan to be thrown away
But somehow you stay
Yo serve us the beginnings of the Apocalypse
Our seas become blood
And begin to flood
We are the ruins that we serve on a platter
Filled with saucers and cups
thrown around by a mad hatter
Who's ego won't shatter
Stones thrown at this stubborn window
That stands as a symbol
Of tyranny and purgery
We need to remove you by scalpel and surgery
I put on the mask and begin to breathe
But some how this blade goes dull and you will not leave
I would pray but they are never answered
You keep on growing and it grows like cancer
With murderous results
We are in a state entropy
I feel evil souls trying to enter me
But my will won't allow it
The strongest thing that I have control of
And my will chooses to love
So be at peace and maybe one day you will learn
that the world is not here to just burn
It is here to live
and we are here to give
Not take
hopefully one day,
this habit you will break

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