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Destiny hopefully knocks on our door at the right time
because I know I missed the train and forgotten my ticket
when it has tried to give me a chance
I have become ecstatic and full of light

Life is a line
And I am drawing a fine one
And I am writing a new one
To tackle each step with intensity


They wake up in the night
When the sun is no longer bright
They bring light

He walks with more than one
shadow lingering behind him.
He looks around anxiously
with eyes that are set on

A grand building was built
so that people could come to worship.
The cup of blood was forged out of gold
so that people would not mind drinking

My mind is a tree of growing dreams
It seems like it produces more each day
But with every day that passes
There is also a forgotten one

Lingering upon the mucus membrane
it seeps into the blood like
medicine being injected by a needle
You smile and laugh

Each day is as disastrous as the next.
I spend my time looking up at ceilings,
looking up at the moving clouds.
I fiddle around my brain trying

She just wants to use me
You don't mind if you lose me
So charge me up and abuse me
She just likes to confuse me

You better back you actions with morals
But instead you are a chief
who cooks up inedible morsels
Laser points aimed at your torso

You say that the democrats
are starting a political war.
You have finally told the truth about something.
It's been a political war ever since

With poetry
I have found a purpose

With poetry

A struggling human being
is going to make some
bad choices no matter
what color their skin is

Dark eyes accented by black hair,
she is an Asian girl
that happens to be
one of the most beautiful females

I can't believe that you're single
Your personality blooms like a flower
And your face is so beautiful
That you cause mirrors to grow legs

Love is the only routine
that I wish to live for
Though that is impossible
under the terms that we

I stand here one human being
That doesn't like what he is seeing

Life is so mundane and repetitive
Sometimes you need a reason
or a life numbing tranquilizer
That becomes the balance

Love is something that people have a hard time translating.
I'm one man with one big incomplete translation.
I try and try as much as the other guy but it is hard.
Love is something that a man should protect.

She grabs my legs
With an outstretched arm
When I awake
She holds me down

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A Biography Of One Man's Destiny

Destiny hopefully knocks on our door at the right time
because I know I missed the train and forgotten my ticket
when it has tried to give me a chance
I have become ecstatic and full of light
ever since destiny came together
like a puzzle

I had the box and the pieces in my possession
but I guess it took a little bit of time
because I over think
I over analyze

I have this unbeatable streak
of missing destiny's knock on the door
Well finally I answered and
everything is coming together

No missing pieces no bent
or child manipulated pieces
Just a brand new box with
the plastic wrapping right next to it
with the steep price tag of 31 years

The pieces are all out
like my exposed heart
Everything is there
Everything is fastened together
Everything is great
I apologize to myself
for wasting so many years
before I found my destiny

Theorem The Truth Serum Comments

kskdnj sajn 03 December 2005

Interesting that you say in your biography...'with a bunch of stuck up 'white 'people.' Discrimination breeds hate and anger. Glad your writing, and getting it out on paper.

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Greg Dent 17 November 2005

Don't quit your day job!

4 3 Reply
Mary Nagy 08 September 2005

I think your bio. is very insightful. I think if more people actually 'thought' about the things they are doing, (as you seem to do) this world would be a much nicer place. Of course, when you voice this opinion you'll find it's much more unpopular than if you were writing on hate.........Sincerely, Mary

2 4 Reply
Sara Watson-Roy 01 September 2005

quit preaching to everyone like some raving simpleton!

2 6 Reply

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