A Biography Of One Man's Destiny Poem by Theorem The Truth Serum

A Biography Of One Man's Destiny

Rating: 3.1

Destiny hopefully knocks on our door at the right time
because I know I missed the train and forgotten my ticket
when it has tried to give me a chance
I have become ecstatic and full of light
ever since destiny came together
like a puzzle

I had the box and the pieces in my possession
but I guess it took a little bit of time
because I over think
I over analyze

I have this unbeatable streak
of missing destiny's knock on the door
Well finally I answered and
everything is coming together

No missing pieces no bent
or child manipulated pieces
Just a brand new box with
the plastic wrapping right next to it
with the steep price tag of 31 years

The pieces are all out
like my exposed heart
Everything is there
Everything is fastened together
Everything is great
I apologize to myself
for wasting so many years
before I found my destiny

Mary Nagy 18 January 2006

I think this is great! I love the picture of this all wrapped up neatly in a box with a pricetag of 27 years on it........that's perfect! I'm glad you figured things out for yourself. I wonder why it seems like we waste so much time but really maybe it's all that wasted time that teaches us what we needed to figure it out in the end. (If that made sense!) Great poem. Sincerely, Mary

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Hugh Cobb 15 January 2006

Don't be so tough on yourself, Cokbod. You have written a fine poem. And as for destiny some never realize it at all or realize that it's really up to us to manifest it in our lives. All the best, Hugh

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Mandy Hartmann 15 January 2006

So, what was your destiny?

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Gina Onyemaechi 15 January 2006

Nicely told, speaker (which I assume is you, Mr Lodwogo. Do correct me if I'm wrong) . Just love the jigsaw imagery. Nice that you are able to forgive yourself for your years of indirection, draw a line under them and walk forward with a feeling of purpose and meaning to your life. May your desting be great, speaker.

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