Ocean Myranda

A Story - Poem by Ocean Myranda

An angel born under the stars,
Almost dying, she was blue.

They saved her life, this time,
Growing up was quite hard.

Never having a fatherly figure,
Made her heart a stone.

Jealous of those girls with fathers,
She never knew it would be this hard.

Her wings grew so beautifully,
Pure white with silver tips.

No one noticed her though,
Of course, until after she changed.

Her halo glittered in the sun,
Her wings glowed so bright.

Then something attacked her,
Her wings torn and black hand prints covered them.

Her halo bent and broken,
Her clothes shredded to pieces.

Her heart broken,
Her soul ripped.

Trying to hide what happened,
Still, no one noticed her.

That broken and fallen angel,
Cowering in fear in a corner.

Knowing she can't escape,
Trying to hide, but being found again.

DAy after day,
The torture continued.

Everyday her wings would be darker,
Losing her white wings, turning black.

Her halo dull with scratches,
Her wings black and torn.

Noticed by people now,
She is just being ignored and abandonded.

The people that do talk to her,
Use her and trick her.

She tried to love once,
Her wings started to fade to white.

Her halo was beginning to glow,
Her wings beginning to grow back.

Until she was alone again,
Wings back to black.

Her halo dull and scratched,
Her wings torn and broken.

Looking in the mirror,
She slammed her fist into it.

Bleeding and crying,
Crying with pain of who she is.

She lost her hope,
She couldn't fly.

She gave up,
She jumped, and still no one cared.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 13, 2009

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