A Story Called Fighting [explicit Content] Poem by Akilleas Sideous

A Story Called Fighting [explicit Content]

it was December 19,2011 i was at this park and there was this guy named ricko but everyone called him chucky they says it was always because he was always doing someone in but i was at the park when he came at first he just pointed at me and i just replied i suggest you leave me alone and so he went to the middle of the field and thew his hands up then he called me a female dog so i got up and walked over to him and simply asked why do i have to be all that and so he punched me then it was on i remember hearing people yell AK don't do it to him but by then i had already kicked him in he head with a roundhouse he looked dazed then he swung again i caught his fist using my neck the went for his elbow to pulled to break his arm then he fell then i went to mount him but he went to kick me in the face from his downed position so i got him in a reverse leg crank and broke his ankle then i heard people telling me i was wrong then i remember thinking to my self if im so wrong why don't you break it up and me being a mixed martial artist of jujitsu kickboxing and boxing for 13 years i was well pass well trained and then ricko screams at me saying he was sorry just leave him alone then i remember me finishing it with a heavy punch to the mouth i walked away he didn't i remember him going to the hospital and me going to court but they did nothing because he struck me first but i had to write an apology letter but that never healed his broken bones or lost teeth so if you think you want to fight think of what you could do or what they can do to you and if you think a fight is funny walk away or try to stop it or just learn from your mistakes

this is a story of a fight between me and a guy its sad when i think about it because well i have grown since then, my nick name is redd or AK and i go by both it just depends on how you know me good or bad is all on you
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